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Hello! I'm Kathy and Bride Appeal is my brainchild. My team and I help wedding pros use their website to attract more leads and turn them into paying clients. From SEO to web design, conversion, copywriting and more, we are all about making your website do the selling for you.

  • I finally had enough of not making any progress and decided to take the leap. After going through her program, I have to say it was the best investment I have ever made! I actually just had a bride sign up for my newsletter, get it for a few weeks, completely trust me, schedule a consult, and then booked on the spot at my higher full service price! I have booked 3 total brides at my new higher price and an additional partial service bride, which I am actually trying to push more. So I’m doing good.

    - Casey Muller, Wedding Planner
  • Before I met you, my closing rate was dreadful. I was only closing maybe 1 in every 5-6 people I met with. However, in the last 3 weeks since our very first session, I've closed 7 out of 8 prospects by modeling your sales technique!

    - Pauline Dennigan, Photographer
  • I've taken plenty of other classes and programs through other marketers in the wedding industry, but your approach is nothing like theirs... Others give you what you need to do, but not the how. You give the how... I just finished all the changes to my website you recommended and already in 3 short week my inquiries have spiked because of it…and it's the slow season right now! It's worth the investment and I've already gotten my money back.

    - Christine Terezakis, Wedding Planner
  • Kathy DalPra to me is a wise investment for anyone looking to streamline their web presence and really get to the core of what they want to convey to their audience in the internet medium. Kathy had a direct impact in my bottom line growth of well over 20% increase in business last year and a 10% increase in the previous year.

    - Mitch Taylor, Wedding DJ & More
  • I’m so grateful to Kathy and her Bride Appeal staff for the work they’ve done in designing my website and doing my SEO work. As a result of Bride Appeal’s SEO work, I am now consistently showing up on the first page of Google and Bing. Kathy and the Bride Appeal team are definitely worth the investment!

    - Brenna Taylor, Wedding Planner

Wedding SEO & Website Design for Bridal Businesses

Bride Appeal™ helps wedding professionals like you get found, followed and booked online with website wedding marketing tips from first-hand experience. We work with you to create a website you love that's a magnet for your ideal couple, pre-closes them on your offerings and compels them to take action so you can fill your bridal business with a steady stream of new bridal leads year round. Learn more about our sales-savvy approach to bridal website design and get the scoop on how wedding seo can grow your business. Follow us on Google+

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