How I Got Here

Kathy DalPra, About Bride Appeal Bride Appeal is the product of my own journey to transform a struggling website into a thriving brand that reached the top of search engines, got featured in the press and even caught the attention of a celebrity.  

I never set out to become the "SEO girl" to the wedding industry, but when I saw my peers facing the same challenges I had overcome, I had to help.

After all, in roughly 6 months, I had taken my website from attracting less than a hundred visitors per month to bringing in hundreds every day, quadrupled my list of leads, landed dozens of rankings on page 1 of Google, appeared on national TV shows, got featured in numerous magazines and wedding blogs and was even a nominee for The Wedding Channel's Blog Awards.

I don't share that to brag. I share that to show my journey. Like you, I didn't start out with all the answers.

My industry friends noticed the shift. And, when they did, I discovered that not only did I love sharing my story with them, I found a passion for helping them rewrite theirs too.

Mastering website conversion and SEO hasn't been an easy road. It's taken me years (and more hours and dollars than I care to admit) to figure it out. Luckily, you don't have to drag yourself down the same grueling path I traveled because I'm here to guide you through it all as your wedding business consultant, if you wish.

But who are you really?

Besides designing jewelry for fun these days, I'm a mommy, sports fan and nature lover who can't live without a pedicure. I have an incurable sweet tooth, believe in true love (I married my soulmate), am not ashamed to admit I loved the Harry Potter books, adore good music and have personally witnessed the power of positive thinking.

I love being an entrepreneur and, for me personally, I work to live. Freedom is the basis of my business and family is my "why". As a busy mom with a social life, SEO is my secret weapon for filling my website with leads 24/7 so I can enjoy my passions and have a life too!

Oh…and I studied brains in college. 

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