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The Freaky Future of Email Marketing for the Wedding Industry

the future of email marketing in the wedding industryThe report is out and, frankly, the future of email marketing is kind of freaky. Litmus just released a report on what email marketing will be like in 2020, featuring the predictions of 20 email experts from email service providers, agencies and consultancies. The findings are fascinating. Today I share a few of the takeaways and what it means for us in the bridal and event industries. read more

2016 Wedding Trends & Spins

2016 wedding trendsAs I read through blogs, wedding magazines and talk with industry professionals, the trends that are predicted for 2016 are reminiscent of some past trends and extensions of what we see today. read more

Escaping the Email Blackhole

email managementIt's simple. The reason we don't have time for SEO or marketing or whatever is because we're doing something else. Unfortunately, many times, that something else isn't productive or profitable. Namely, email. read more

2015 Wedding Trends - What's New This Year

2015 wedding trendsAs I read through blogs, wedding magazines and talk with industry professionals, the trends that are predicted for 2015 are pretty unique and somewhat nostalgic of some past trends. And now that Pantone has announced the Color of the Year as Marsala, it only makes sense that it's on trend with some of the predictions I have for couples planning a wedding in 2015. read more

The Firefox Update That Alters Your SEO Strategy

firefox yahoo update impacts seoLast week Firefox 34 was launched and a small change in its search toolbar could have massive fallout for your website traffic. After closing up a 10 year agreement with Google, Firefox penned a deal with Yahoo, making it the default search engine for Firefox users utilizing the search field in the toolbar that comes standard with the product. read more

Old School Wedding Marketing Beliefs That Just Aren't True Anymore

wedding marketing trends and beliefsWhen you've been running a wedding business for quite some time, it's easy to fall behind on your marketing. We get caught up in the business of our business and forget to look up every once in a while. Unfortunately, there are some trends that are game-changing and could be detrimental to the livelihood of your business if you continue to ignore them. If your thinking isn't keeping up with today's couple, you could be losing business without even knowing it. read more

7 Bone-Chilling Words You Never Want to Hear from Your SEO Guy

seo hiring mistakesIn the spirit of Halloween, here's a scary story I hear at least once or twice a month that I hope you never find yourself in: You just hired an SEO company to "do your SEO." Maybe you don't know enough about search engine optimization to do it yourself, so you brought on the first guy you could find (or the cheapest one). Since you're not an SEO expert yourself, you really had no idea how to evaluate the company and you're hoping you made a good choice. You meet for the first time with your new provider and the first words he utters to you are… read more