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3 Blog Posts to Create After a Wedding or Event

by: Kathy DalPra

blog posts to write after eventEvents aren't just great for real wedding submissions and posts. There is plenty of other juicy content you can squeeze out of each event you work or attend. Why not make the most of it and fill your blog with the inspiration and education your audience is clamoring for?

Venue Review

Choosing a venue is a big decision for engaged couples and event hosts. Why not help them make the choice easier by providing a little insight based on your experience there? If you really want to get fancy, and impress the venue owners too, ask permission to create a video post that includes brief staff interviews and a quick tour of the grounds and facility.

New Trends

Did you see something unusual or unique at the event? Share it with your readers and give them a little trendy inspiration to help them brainstorm ideas for their wedding or event too.

Vendor Interviews

If you simply loved working with a few of the other suppliers on that event, it could be a great opportunity to strengthen that connection. Start by asking if you can interview them either for a written blog post or by video for a vlog. They'll love getting featured to your audience and will probably promote your post too, so you can reach an even wider audience.

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