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A Bride May Never Tell You Why She Left Your Website...But You Can Still Find Out

by: Kathy DalPra

Google Analytics for wedding websitesIf you owned a brick and mortar wedding shop or office, you'd be able to see brides and couples walking in and out of your space all day. You'd have an opportunity to engage with them and personally walk them through all the various areas of your boutique to ensure that they know exactly what you offer and why it's different. You'd even be able to converse with them and discover how they found you and what they're interested. Unfortunately, you don't have this luxury with your website.

Your online presence is totally virtual, leaving engaged couples to visit on their own without you knowing about their presence when they arrive. They aren't asking you questions or giving you any insight as to how they wound up there or why they've left so quickly. Since you're getting a lot more visitors on your website (hopefully) then you would with a typical storefront, this can add up to a lot of unknowns and result in lots of lost opportunities.

If bride after bride is turned off by your site, and you don't know why, then you're just going to continue to get the same results over and over and over again. No inquiries and no bookings.

The good news is, just because a bride or groom isn't providing you direct feedback about your website, doesn't mean you can't get some insight about their visit. The key is understanding how to use the tools that are available to you.

Google Analytics is your secret doorway to discovering almost anything you'd want to know about the couples arriving at your wedding site, short of speaking to them personally. You can find out how they got there, whether they were referred, what path they took to explore your site, how quickly they left and even where they were when they abandoned you.

Google Analytics is totally free and easy to install on any website, whether you're a user of our all-in-one Online Business system for wedding pros or whether you have a simple Wordpress blog. Get started today by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for FREE at Google Analytics
  2. Install your unique code onto your website (if you're a client, we've already done this for you)
  3. Wait a week or so for the stats to start coming in...then log back in and examine your data

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