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How to Write a Wedding Blog Brides Actually Want to Read

by: Kathy DalPra

how to write wedding blogWhen you're one lone writer in a sea of bridal blogs, its easy to get overwhelmed with how to stand out and write a wedding blog brides actually want to read. Luckily, if you really love the business of weddings and are a natural sharer, the road to a better bridal blog is really quite simple.

1. Study the Best

If you're new to wedding blogging or if your existing bridal blog just isn't cutting it, you might not be hitting the mark with your audience. There is a reason why some wedding blogs soar while others flop: they give brides what they really want...inspiration. Whether its inspiration on a how-to project, wedding design or bridal party gifts, great wedding blogs help brides get creative and personal with every aspect of their event.

Take Action: Study the top wedding blogs in your niche. Don't copy them or steal their stuff, just pay attention to what they are doing right and see how you can apply the principle to your blog too. Look into which of their posts get the most comments and social media shares. That will tell you what brides really gravitate towards.

2. Publish Your Passion

It's hard to get anyone interested in reading your posts if you don't love them yourself. Passion is contagious. If you love what you're writing about and are sharing from the heart, rather than just filling up a blog post slot for the week, readers will feel it and get excited too.

Take Action: Make a list of all the topics you can never get enough of. You love them so much, you'd write about them for free. Keep those topics and eliminate any others that you're currently blogging about that just don't fire you up.

3. Find Your Voice

Many of us have a tendency to give up on ideas and projects because we tell ourselves its already been done by someone else. But if Thomas Edison had that attitude, we'd never have the traditional lightbulb. Your perspective is unique and no one can give it but you. The more comfortable and confident you become in sharing your side of the story, your unique twist, the more intriguing readers will find you.

Take Action: Ask 10 wedding vendor peers you've worked alongside before and at least 5 past clients what they think makes you and your work really different. What do they see as the unique perspective you bring to your niche? Use that and your own introspection to uncover your one-of-a-kind voice.

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