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How To Get Wedding Photography Clients Offline

get more wedding photography clientsWhen you're wrapped up into the day-to-day of your photography business, it's sometimes difficult to find creative ways to attract more clients. Sometimes the solution is so simple, it's right in front of our nose. Here are three offline client attraction strategies I've seen successful photographers use that made me wonder "Why didn't I think of that?" read more

Escape the Bargaining Trap in Your Wedding or Event Business

bargaining wedding businessIn all fairness, a bride, groom, family or organization has every right to find a good bargain when planning their own event...no judgments here! It's their event to host as they please. That said, it isn't your responsibility to cut your rates and stress yourself out trying to fit into their budget. read more

5 Website Assets Your Developer Should Not Control

website developer controlI get it. When it comes to the technical side of your website, you'd rather just close your eyes, hand it all over to a capable developer and be done with all that nonsense. Admittedly, even I get drained from the techie side too! But no matter how turned off you may be by coding, widgets and hosting jargon, there is never, ever a good time to give up control of your website. read more

Wedding PR: Real Wedding Submission Tips and Trick

wedding pr: real wedding submissionsIf you’re like most wedding pros I know, you’re knee deep into wedding season. Your days are filled with linen swatches, timelines and (if you’re lucky) the occasional wine tasting. With this comes the opportunity to begin submitting your real weddings for the 2014 season.

Wedding PR strategies are quickly becoming an essential component to a strong wedding marketing campaign. Today’s bride is a discerning one, so an impressive press portfolio will assist with increasing brand awareness for your company, as well as giving you a competitive advantage.  read more

How to Market to Multicultural Brides

How to market to multicultural bridesGuest post by Preeti Moberg. Today’s bridal market is nothing as it was twenty years ago. We know gone are the days of candied jordan almonds in pastel colors, plastic flowers decorating cakes, and staged photos of the couple.  read more

10 Easy (& Free) Ways to Get 30,000 Wedding Fans on Facebook

get more facebook wedding fansGuest post by Christine Dyer of Bridal Tweet. Dear Wedding Professional: Happy 5th Birthday to BridalTweet! I launched BridalTweet.com without any fans on April 10, 2009. (Scroll down to fast forward and read my tips on how to get 30,000 fans on Facebook). At that time, all I had was a BIG idea - to create a more open wedding community where vendors could have complete editorial freedom to write about their businesses and post photos for free. That would lead to a place that brides could turn to for free advice, planning ideas, giveaways, local events and more. read more

Pinning For Your Bridal Business

pinterest marketing for wedding businessesA note from Kathy: Should you use Pinterest to grow your bridal business? And, if so, how do you get started and what can you do to succeed? This guest post by Stephanie Bosco Luca covers all the basics so you can determine whether Pinterest is right for your wedding business and how to make the most of it.  read more

How Can I Get More Brides to Sign Up To My Email Newsletter?

get brides to sign up to email newsletter listIf you've followed the advice of most marketing experts and added email marketing to your wedding business plan, you may have run into a little snag along the way...getting brides and grooms to sign up! I hear this frustration from our community all the time and, recently, from one of our blog readers. So, in this post, I'd like to share some practical adjustments you can make to start boosting that email list of yours based on what worked for my bridal business in the past and what continues to get results for us today as well. read more

Discover Your Pricing Sweet Spot

how to price wedding servicesGuest post by Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros. The pricing sweet spot is a marriage between your marketing strategy and your financial strategy. Finding the sweet spot requires you to think about where you fit in the market and what your financial goals are. Do you know your pricing sweet spot? read more