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Old School Wedding Marketing Beliefs That Just Aren't True Anymore

wedding marketing trends and beliefsWhen you've been running a wedding business for quite some time, it's easy to fall behind on your marketing. We get caught up in the business of our business and forget to look up every once in a while. Unfortunately, there are some trends that are game-changing and could be detrimental to the livelihood of your business if you continue to ignore them. If your thinking isn't keeping up with today's couple, you could be losing business without even knowing it. read more

7 Bone-Chilling Words You Never Want to Hear from Your SEO Guy

seo hiring mistakesIn the spirit of Halloween, here's a scary story I hear at least once or twice a month that I hope you never find yourself in: You just hired an SEO company to "do your SEO." Maybe you don't know enough about search engine optimization to do it yourself, so you brought on the first guy you could find (or the cheapest one). Since you're not an SEO expert yourself, you really had no idea how to evaluate the company and you're hoping you made a good choice. You meet for the first time with your new provider and the first words he utters to you are… read more

Niche Marketing with Real Wedding Submissions

niche wedding marketingGuest post courtesy of Cigall Goldman of Mazelmoments.com. As wedding professionals, our job doesn’t end when the event comes to a close. After the night is over, your clients’ weddings become an opportunity to showcase your hard work and add to your business portfolio. With the growing presence of social media and blogging in our industry, it’s imperative to get your brand out there. However, with such a broad-reaching network, it is becoming even more important to place your content strategically in order to reach those that will be most interested in your products or services. read more

Get More Brides to Love You and Book You

apple storeLast week I had to run to the mall to pick up an accessory for my Mac. It had been a while since I'd visited the Apple store and, this time, something was new. A Windows store had popped up just a few doors down from it. As I walked by, I peeked inside from afar. read more

Other People's Opinions of Your Wedding Business Website Don't Matter

wedding business website designThe other day I was talking with an event planner who was struggling to get her business to profit, let alone pay off the advertising she'd been investing in. She just wasn't getting leads from her website. So I asked her a few questions about her site, including whether she built it herself. When she told me she actually hired someone to build it, I guess I did a pretty poor job of hiding my shock because she was very disappointed with my reaction. And, who could blame her? If you actually paid someone to design your website, you sure don't want people to think it was just a template! (Side note: it did turn out that her programmer was only using a template.) read more

You Think You're Ranking in Search Engines, But Are You?

not ranking in search enginesI have a lot of conversations with business owners about their search engine woes. One of the topics that often comes up is when they believe they're ranking in search engines, but aren't seeing the benefits of it in the form of more traffic, inquiries or sales. While there is more than one reason why this could be the case, the first question I almost always ask is, "Are you sure you're really ranking?" read more

Does Facebook Still Work?

Does Facebook still work?There are a lot of Facebook experts out there, but Laura Roeder is by far my favorite. I dig her simple, no nonsense approach to marketing so I thought I'd share with you some actionable advice she's given recently on what to do if your fan page has been hit with Facebook's new algorithm changes. I know it's hit mine! read more

How to Get Wedding Vendors to Refer You

wedding vendor referralsWhen you're new to an area or just starting your wedding business it can be tough to break into those tightly knit wedding vendor cliques. They've been happily referring others for years and may not be too eager to take a risk on the new guy or gal. Still, every industry is cyclical and anything can change in a split second. That photographer they've been referring for 10 years could retire, that florist could move to a new city and that wedding planner could decide to be a stay-at-home mom. An opening could be just around the corner, but its your job to make sure you're there to fill it when it pops up. read more