What You Need to Know About Selling to Millennials Online

Last week, a young man reminded me why selling to millennials takes a slightly different mindset. He reached out to buy a bridal bracelet from me for his girlfriend as a birthday gift. The only problem is that he waited a little too long and wanted to make sure the piece would reach him in time.

Luckily, I was able to respond to his email within the hour and put his mind at ease about the timeline. As a result, he placed his order within 5 minutes of receiving my message and I got another $250 in my pocket that day.

It may sound like a typical sale, but a closer look will reveal quite a bit about who is really buying from you and what you can do to make sure you capture the sale before someone else does. Read More

Getting Brides Excited About Your Wedding Blog Posts

It's no fun slaving away at a wedding blog that doesn't get any comments or shares. Who wants to talk to a brick wall? But wedding blogging can be super fun when it feels like a community effort and people truly care about what you post. That's why I want to inspire you to think differently about your blog and begin using it as a way to really connect with your audience, just like you do on social media.

Concepts Don't Matter Unless They're Meaningful

If you really want brides and grooms chatting it up with you on your blog, then you need to keep in mind who they are and what they want to talk about. Writing or recording blog posts isn't about filling up your blog with everyday tips so you can check that item off your weekly marketing list. It's about genuinely bringing value to the couples you uniquely serve. Read More

3 Wedding Inquiry Email Tweaks That Get Brides to Say Yes!

The email inquiry. It's amazing how this tiny little digital message has the power to conjure up both excitement and anxiety all at the same time. You're thrilled that prospects are interested, but you also may be a nervous wreck that you'll screw up your response. Well, I have 3 simple tactics you can try on for size to maximize the effectiveness of your reply and get couples to say "YES!" to meeting with you by phone or email.  Read More

2 Ways to Upsell Brides Without Being Sleazy

Sales is the one thing most of us wedding folk have simply never taken a fond liking to. We just are not comfortable being push, sleazy or downright unethical. But what if sales didn't have to be any of those things? What if it was nothing more than one person helping out another person, in a kind and generous way? Read More

How to Grow Your Traffic While You're Busy With Summer Weddings

grow your wedding trafficSummer is nearly here and you know what that means. Soon you'll have blinders on, barely able to make time for anything outside of wedding work...(that is, working IN your business rather than ON it). With peak wedding season in full gear already, it's not likely to lighten up for quite some time...leaving you with little to no time for marketing.  Read More

Pinterest or Instagram: Which One Is Best For My Wedding Business?

It seems like every time we turn around there is a new social network everyone's raving about. Back in 2011, I was already teaching a course about Pinterest before most wedding professionals had even heard of it. But is it really realistic to keep up with every new marketing fad? I mean, let's face it. We only have so many hours in a day and not every tactic is probably the best fit for us. With that in mind, I've been getting a lot of questions from clients about the pros and cons of Pinterest vs. Instagram and how to determine which one is best for marketing your wedding business. Read More

5 Traffic Sources You're Losing With A Flash Website

make more money in wedding businessI feel like I've been talking about why not to have a flash website for years, but I still continue to get calls from new clients that confess they've only just learned that flash is harming them, not helping them. So in the interest of not assuming we know something we don't, I'm reviving the flash chat and reiterating why it's not the best choice for your bridal business website so you can make smarter choices moving forward. Read More

The Suprising Way to Make More Money in Your Wedding Business

make more money in wedding businessThe following is a guest post by my pal Jeff Hellenbrand of Cake Coaching. Enjoy!

We work in a fun industry. What the heck happened? It seems like everyone in the wedding industry is stressed out. That's bad. Not only is it no fun, it's a business killer. I have a philosophy I want to offer as an alternative to the "I’m-so-stressed-I-can’t-breathe lifestyle" that is way too popular:  Read More

What Brides Really Think Of Bridal Shows and The Knot

what brides think of bridal showsIt's no secret that the wedding industry has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Today's Internet savvy millennial bride is bombarded with tools, resources and information about planning her wedding. She's overwhelmed and doesn't have the time or patience to tolerate anything that can't add value to her planning experience. What she wants are quick and easy ways to sift through the endless information so she can find the hidden gems worth consideration and evaluate which are best for her. This applies both to her search for the right vendors as well as locating solid planning advice and inspiration. Read More

Did You Know That A Few Brides Can Keep Your Entire List From Seeing Your Emails?

avoid email marketing spamWhen it comes to email marketing, the power is in the hands of the few. Did you know that if a few brides click that dreaded "spam" button on one of your email newsletters that it can affect whether other brides on your list, using the same email provider, actually receive your messages? Read More