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The Time Sucking Email That's Stealing Your Profits as a Wedding or Event Planner

wedding planner profitsYou finally hit "send" on an email that took you 55 minutes to research, draft and edit. It's 11:00am and already you feel like your day is slipping through your fingers. You had every intention of catching up on your blog and planning your marketing before lunchtime today, but instead you've wasted the best part of your morning servicing a non-paying client. A bride who hasn't even booked you yet. read more

How to Work With Better Event Clients and Brides

find better brides and couplesIt's a common conundrum when we first start our event or bridal business. In the beginning when you're getting things off the ground, it's hard to be picky because you need the experience, portfolio and income. So many of us wind up accepting work from clients that may not be the best match for us...or the most fun to work with. I know, I've done it too! read more

Wedding Venue Marketing Done Right

wedding venue marketingEvery year we work with a select number of fabulous wedding venues to help them improve their online presence and attract a higher quantity and quality of clientele. One of the immediate recommendations I usually make is to implement a professionally recorded tour of the estate in great detail and post this video to your website. This ensures that couples fall in love with your property early on during their website visit, rather than making them wait until a site visit to really understand the value and beauty of your location. It also captures their attention right away so that they don't feel indifferent about your venue and forget about it after that initial website visit. read more

Get Ready to Book More Weddings in 2014

book more weddingsMother Theresa is famously credited with saying, “I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much.” As business owners, I think we can all relate to this. When life presents us a flood of opportunities and challenges, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to the point where we start to wish we didn't have so much going on! But if we want to book more weddings, we need to figure out a way to handle the ebb and flow of business with poise otherwise God (or life or the universe...whatever you believe) won't send us anything more because we can't handle it, right? read more

2014 Wedding Flower Trends by IFD

2014 wedding flower trendsThe International Floral Distributors, Inc. just released their 2014 wedding floral trends review video and it's spectacular. They go into very specific detail about color schemes, eras and design tips for floral artists. This is a must see for event and floral designers looking to keep their portfolio current. read more

Have Your Best Wedding Booking Month Ever

Engagement season is upon us and inquiries will be flying in the first quarter of the new year. As you turn the corner and prepare for the flood of opportunities, I thought I'd give you a little boost by sharing with you what you can do right now to start positioning yourself to break every sales record you've ever had. read more

How to Get More Brides to Click Your Google Website Listing

get brides to click on google website listingMany bridal businesses put a lot of time, energy and funds into getting their website listed on the first page of Google. But once they get there, they aren’t sure how to stand out from all the other listings and get visitors to click on their website first. I’d like to help you separate yourself from the crowd and get more eager couples clicking on your listing with a few proven techniques for copywriting your listing’s headline title.  read more

5 Ways to Find Money Fast When You Need to Invest in Your Bridal Business

find money fast for bridal businessI can tell you from first-hand experience that breaking into high five and six figure incomes in your business will require much more than lip service. We can talk about success all day, but until we put our money where our mouth is, it typically doesn't add up to much. For some of us, it means hiring talented staff so we have more time to market. For others, it means bringing on mentors to help us grow in areas where we're struggling. And sometimes it means ditching the DIY templates and going "pro" with our #1 sales tool, our website, by hiring professional designers, coders and a conversion expert to make it really work for us.  read more