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How Can We Best Spend Our Small Wedding Business Budget on Website Traffic and SEO?

small wedding business budget"HELP! My husband and I have one older website (www.dolphindreamweddings.com) that was home spun but still gets us calls and bookings and a newer website, Love Maui Weddings that looks great but is nowhere to be found in the rankings.

Any suggestions on how we can best spend our small budget for WEBSITE and SEO and get the most benefit? - Vickie Kaiulani Jackson, Love Maui Weddings" read more

Why Couples Say They Can't Afford Your Wedding Services

can't afford wedding servicesAt some point or another, most of us have dealt with an engaged couple who is on a budget when selling our wedding services or products. And nothing stings more than when they tell you they love your work, but just can't afford it. Well, recently a client told me that I have an uncanny insight into how brides think and what motivates them to buy, so I thought maybe I'd share some of my thoughts on this touchy topic with you too. (Feel free to chime in with your experience in the comments below as well.) read more

We Are Paying for SEO Services But Aren't Sure They Are Doing Anything

paying for wedding seo services"HELP! My husband and I have one older website (www.dolphindreamweddings.com) that was home spun but still gets us calls and bookings and a newer website, Love Maui Weddings that looks great but is nowhere to be found in the rankings. We are paying someone to help us with SEO but not sure that they are really doing anything. - Vickie Kaiulani Jackson, Love Maui Weddings" read more

Why Search Engine Ranking May Be The Wrong Thing for a Wedding Business to Focus On

wedding business search engine rankingThis may seem like a ridiculous statement for someone who specializes in seo to make, but I promise, I'm not losing my mind. See, every single week, I get contacted by wedding professionals who want me to help them "rank their site." They want it fast, easy and simple. Pay a one-time price, get ranked, be done forever. The problem? What they want doesn't exist...not anymore, anyway. There's no fast track, wham-bam-thank-you-mam magic seo pill anyone can give them to rank quickly and effortlessly. read more

Free Places Online Where Other Brides Send You Leads

Online bridal reviews, recommendations and leadsLeads, leads, leads. What wedding professional or photographer doesn't want more leads? You know the Internet is a fabulous storehouse of eager couples looking for wedding products and services like yours, but how can you capture their attention with so much competition? Well, it's much simpler than you think. Have your past brides do the referring for you! read more

3 Little White Lies of Ranking Higher in Search Engines

Wedding seo ranking mistakesThese days, it seems like everyone in the online marketing space is claiming to be an SEO expert. Of course, that doesn't mean they actually are. There's a lot of bad advice floating around out there and I'd hate for you to get caught up in all the false hype. While there are dozens, if not hundreds, of misleading SEO claims being tossed around, there are three in particular that seem to be popping up a lot. read more

Should I Start Blogging Before I Open My New Wedding Planning Business?

blog for new wedding planning business"Hi, my name's Kate, I'm French! I just wanted to tell you how much your blog is amazing. It inspires me so much, and I'm very grateful that you take the necessary time to teach us how to succeed in our businesses. It's helpful, so thank you so much for sharing.

I want to specialize myself in Wedding Planning, I think my business will start in the middle of 2014. I'm learning business strategy, management, accounting etc... In order to manage my company with confidence, and I subscribed to a well known Wedding Institute in order to start my business with favorable assets. I began my market study and market analysis and I'm getting help from many social welfare bodies in order to structure my ideas and business strategy. read more

How Do I Know If Brides Will Find And Like My Wedding Blog?

How do I know if brides will find and like my wedding blog?Recently a talented wellness blogger asked me to take a look at their wedding category and provide some feedback about whether I thought brides would "find us and utilize the info." It's a great question! Who wants to slave away at building a bridal blog if it's not going to attract any readers or customers? So here's the advice I'd offer if you want to find out if what you're doing is working or not. read more

How Facebook's News Feed Changes Affect Small Wedding Businesses

Facebook newsfeed changes affect wedding businessesWell, Facebook is at it again. Over the last month, it announced two major updates to its Edgerank algorithm: higher quality content gets more exposure and stories with lots of interaction get bumped back up to the top of the feed. What this means in plain English is that Facebook is following Google's lead...what else is new? As Google shifts its own search results to give users more of the content they love and less of the spammy stuff, Facebook is doing the same. So let's explore what this means for the small wedding business. read more

Google Retires It's Free Keyword Tool...Now What?

Google retires free keyword toolThis past week Google officially retired it's free external Keyword Tool, a move some time in the making. For years, this has been my go-to resource for my initial keyword research before advancing my findings with more heavy weight software. (A tear is welling up in the corner of my eye).

For those of us that have come to love the ease and simplicity of the free Keyword Tool, we're left wondering what this means for our search engine research and overall strategy moving forward. So I've put this post together to cover my interpretation of what's happening here and what you can do about it.  read more