The Case for Charging What You're Worth

charging what you're worthCan I vent for just a quick second? (Don't worry, I'll get off my soap box quickly...not that comfortable up here to begin with.) I'm growing tired of wedding professionals claiming that no bride in their market is willing to pay top rates for their services, they simply "can't afford it." Read More

When Being the New Kid is Good for Your Wedding Search Engine Rankings

wedding search engine ranksIn most cases, experience trumps novelty...but not always. You might be surprised to learn that being the new kid on the block can sometimes work to your advantage when it comes to getting better rankings for your wedding business website in search engines. Read More

The Double Opt-In Dilemma

double opt-in dilemmaAt least half of my clients want to know which is best, the "double opt-in" or "single opt-in" approach to getting subscribers on their website. This post aims to answer that.

If you've ever added a "sign up" form of any kind on your website, you know exactly what I mean by "double opt-in". However, if you're new to email marketing, you might need a quick crash course on what the heck a "double opt-in" is and why it's controversial. Read More

Stop Burying Your Best Stuff On Your Website

stop burying your best stuffCreating a high impact bridal website that inspires visitors to stay longer doesn't have to be rocket science. Often times when I'm working with clients on getting better results from their website, I discover that they already have plenty of gems lying around...they're just hidden! Here's how to find a few and start using them more wisely. Read More

3 Simple Stats That Can Impact Your Search Engine Rank

stats that impact search engine rankDid you know that Google pays attention to how visitors interact with your wedding business website? It's true! Not only do your mad SEO skillz influence your rank in search engines, but your visitors' behavior does too! For Techie Tuesday, I'd like to share three metrics you should be paying attention to if you want to stay on Google's good side.

While no one knows exactly what is calculated in Google or Bing's search algorithms, aside from Google and Bing themselves, most SEO specialists like myself agree that the following three measurements have a strong likelihood of influencing whether your website continues to get good visibility in search results pages. Read More

What To Do When Your Competitors Are Booking More Weddings Than You

competitors booking more weddingsTo be fair, this post should actually be titled "what not to do". The sad truth is that competition can bring out the irrational side in all of us and inspire us to do some pretty desperate things. But desperation is a big red flag to engaged couples, making them want to run like wild in the opposite direction. No one wants to work with someone needy, pushy or insincere...and desperation can bring all three of these qualities out in even the most sane, balanced person. Read More

The Instant Trust Builder That Inspires Brides to Inquire With You Online

the Wedding Expert's peer verification serviceLet me guess. You want to know how to get more couples to inquire from your website, right? While there are many strategies for boosting website inquiries, one of the most effective is building trust in the mind of your visitor. And nothing builds trust and confidence faster than social proof. Read More

Never Fall Behind On Your Wedding Blog Again

never fall behind on wedding blogToday's post was written in advance; about a month in advance. The reason for this is because I was employing one of my favorite strategies for always keeping up with my blogging calendar. Then it occurred to me: maybe you'd like to know how I do that!

So, in today's article, I'd like to share with you two (2) of my most treasured tips for consistently posting multiple times each week on my blog without falling behind.  Read More

How to Pin an Image on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter All at the Same Time

pin an image to pinterest, facebook and twitter at the same timeA big thanks to Saundra Hadley, whose comment on my blog spurred this Techie Tuesday Tutorial. Saundra wanted to know if linking up her Twitter and Facebook profiles to her Pinterest profile would cause all her pins to be automatically posted to those other networks. The answer is no, this is something you would need to to manually. And that's why I created today's tutorial, to show you how you can post an image in Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook all at the same time. Read More

Sick of the Price Question? The Buck Stops Here

sick of the price questionRecently, Alan Berg wrote a brilliant article for Wedding Wire on why couples ask about price first. I couldn't agree more with his answer, which was "because they don't know what else to ask." The good news for you is that you can address this issue right on your website, once you understand why this is happening.

(As a side note, this dialog doesn't really apply to low end products and programs, which will likely have pricing listed right on your website.) Read More