The Time Sucking Email That's Stealing Your Profits as a Wedding or Event Planner

wedding planner profitsYou finally hit "send" on an email that took you 55 minutes to research, draft and edit. It's 11:00am and already you feel like your day is slipping through your fingers. You had every intention of catching up on your blog and planning your marketing before lunchtime today, but instead you've wasted the best part of your morning servicing a non-paying client. A bride who hasn't even booked you yet. Read More

Is Guest Blogging Sabatoging Your SEO?

Is guest blogging good for seo?On the heels of last year's major Hummingbird update that changed Google's algorithm forever, Mr. Cutts (the guy behind all the changes) is revealing even more. Matt declared that guest blogging is essentially dead and, if you want to save your search rankings, you should stop doing it...sort of. Read More

How to Work With Better Event Clients and Brides

find better event clients and bridesIt's a common conundrum when we first start our event or bridal business. In the beginning when you're getting things off the ground, it's hard to be picky because you need the experience, portfolio and income. So many of us wind up accepting work from clients that may not be the best match for us...or the most fun to work with. I know, I've done it too! Read More

Have Your Best Wedding Booking Month Ever

Engagement season is upon us and inquiries will be flying in the first quarter of the new year. As you turn the corner and prepare for the flood of opportunities, I thought I'd give you a little boost by sharing with you what you can do right now to start positioning yourself to break every sales record you've ever had. Read More

Can Twitter Really Bring You Bridal Leads?

twitter bridal leadsIf you're anything like my wedding business clients, you may find social media to be a confusing space that's easy to get lost in. You know you're "supposed" to be using it to promote your business, but you might not feel confident about which platforms to choose and what to do on them...and Twitter is no exception. You might be wondering whether it's really worth the time and energy to begin with. Read More

How Can We Best Spend Our Small Wedding Business Budget on Website Traffic and SEO?

small wedding business budget"HELP! My husband and I have one older website ( that was home spun but still gets us calls and bookings and a newer website, Love Maui Weddings that looks great but is nowhere to be found in the rankings.

Any suggestions on how we can best spend our small budget for WEBSITE and SEO and get the most benefit? - Vickie Kaiulani Jackson, Love Maui Weddings" Read More

How Do I Know If Brides Will Find And Like My Wedding Blog?

How do I know if brides will find and like my wedding blog?Recently a talented wellness blogger asked me to take a look at their wedding category and provide some feedback about whether I thought brides would "find us and utilize the info." It's a great question! Who wants to slave away at building a bridal blog if it's not going to attract any readers or customers? So here's the advice I'd offer if you want to find out if what you're doing is working or not. Read More

How Facebook's News Feed Changes Affect Small Wedding Businesses

Facebook newsfeed changes affect wedding businessesWell, Facebook is at it again. Over the last month, it announced two major updates to its Edgerank algorithm: higher quality content gets more exposure and stories with lots of interaction get bumped back up to the top of the feed. What this means in plain English is that Facebook is following Google's lead...what else is new? As Google shifts its own search results to give users more of the content they love and less of the spammy stuff, Facebook is doing the same. So let's explore what this means for the small wedding business. Read More

How to Market Yourself Back into the Wedding Industry When You've Been Out for A While

makeup artist marketingQ: "Hey Kathy, I have been reading your Facebook page for months and didn't know how or when to actually contact you lol. Anyways, I am a very talented makeup artist. I have been out of the wedding loop for a few years now because of my full time job but I am trying to get back into this market. My question for you is HOW do i actually start to market myself back into the industry!?? Please Help" - Sabrina, Dip Makeup

A: Sabrina, this question is such a common challenge with bridal businesses that I've decided to not only answer it myself, but bring a few friends along to help! Read More

How to Grow Your Traffic While You're Busy With Summer Weddings

grow your wedding trafficSummer is nearly here and you know what that means. Soon you'll have blinders on, barely able to make time for anything outside of wedding work...(that is, working IN your business rather than ON it). With peak wedding season in full gear already, it's not likely to lighten up for quite some time...leaving you with little to no time for marketing.  Read More