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    You're awesome at what you do - isn't it time couples knew about it?! Learn how to attract and close more clients.

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Tired of being the best kept secret online? Leverage wedding SEO to start showing up in search engines at the exact moment couples are looking for you and ready to buy.


Bridal Leads

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Your website is live, but where are all the leads? Few inquire, and when the do, it's all about price. Let's find out why and fix it fast so you can back to your passion again.


Wedding Sales Strategies & Tips

Love Your Sales

Begging for business is icky. Learn to attract better-matched clients who make a decision on the spot, are thrilled to pay you your worth and rave about you afterwards.


Hello! I'm Kathy and I help wedding and event businesses attract more website visitors and turn them into paying clients using SEO, conversion, copywriting and closing strategies.

  • Yesterday, I went through the Quick Wins and got the changes going on my inquiry form. Within an hour I had two inquiries come in who scheduled phone consults. One of the consults is pretty much closed, they scheduled a follow up consult tomorrow to finalize. The other consult is next week. Did I mention that I quoted our highest prices yet to one of those consults and he immediately accepted? OK, enough gloating!!! 

    - Tim & Mandy, Wedding Band
  • I just feel like I have lots of pieces in place now. We have had four consultations since I started your program for our new asking price. Every one of them has signed a contract! On top of that, they signed on a contract for DOUBLE THE PRICE with the knowledge that their album could cost them another 40-85% (depending on how many spreads are in the album). It would have taken us 8 weddings to match the income we're going to get off JUST THE WEDDING DAY for these 4. That doesn't even count potential album sales. Needless to say, we're excited!

    - Tony & Elena Smith, Photographers
  • “Your approach to venue tours just plain works. Within only one week of working with you I have already closed my first BIG wedding booking on the same day! This is our first wedding booking for next year and we haven’t even opened our new facility. They were a lot of fun and I am so excited to work with them! In just a week I am already going from feeling unsure and nervous about selling to confident and excited.”

    - Allison Senger, Venue Coordinator
  • "After only a week of working with Kathy and implementing some of her strategies, I landed a high paying client that was ecstatic to be working with us. Kathy’s methods really work. Absolutely one of the best investments I’ve made in years!"

    - Mark Fortier, Wedding Band
  • "So last week I I implemented the step-by-step sales process you walked me through and it worked exactly like you said it would. I just booked my first client within hours of meeting! They inquired, immediately scheduled a consult and booked the same day of our appointment."

    - Lei Trzeciak, Wedding Planner
  • "In just one week of working with you I already have my first booking and they closed on the SAME DAY. All I did was follow the guidance you gave me as best I could.

    Kathy, I hate being wrong. HATE it. Perfectionists aren't supposed to be wrong. My inner perfectionist secretly wanted to come out on the other side of this experience able to say "not worth it." I was doing it right all along, and this confirms it." But I was WRONG, Kathy. SO SO WRONG.

    - Rob Greene, Photographer
  • "Kathy, thanks to your SEO work, copywriting and website conversion plan, we are so incredibly slammed with inquiries and bookings, that we can't even keep up. Our wedding inquiries are up 254% over last year and Quinceanera bookings have quadrupled. We went from having ​a very challenging year this year, when we realized our SEO wasn't set up correctly, to be on pace to have one of our best year's ever next year because of your expertise.​"

    - Elisabeth - Owner, Event Venue
  • "It's only been a week since working with you and I've gone from booking 1 event in every 5 tours to closing 1 event in every 3 tours! I just followed your lead to stop pushing out information to our prospects and start focusing on the bigger picture instead. I'm feeling less burned out already!"

    - Jen Loller, Wedding Venue
  • It's only been 1 week and I've already booked a client! You're right, I was giving away too many details on my website and putting their focus on all the wrong things. No wonder everyone was asking about prices. After overhauling my service webpages, tweaking my email response and changing my tune in the consultation, the bride was pretty much sold before I even made an offer. Can't wait to do it again!

    - Sarah Bett, Wedding Planner
  • So I booked the client last night after our first session together using the method you taught me. They put down a deposit to hold the date and will be getting back to me with which package they want. That was the first time I booked a package and took a deposit on the spot! We've only had one consult together and already I'll be getting nearly all of my investment back. U rock Kathy!!

    - Simone Vega, Event Planner
  • After just the first 2 meetings with Kathy, I used her sales method to book 4 out of 6 consultations and half of them closed on the spot. What was even more exciting is that 3 of these clients spent 70% more than my previous average sale amount! Before price was often a concern, but now I'm able to show why I'm worth it! The conversation was so easy and I could just be myself. My confidence is so much higher than it used to be.

    - Amanda Greville, Invitation Designer
  • I finally had enough of not making any progress and decided to take the leap. After going through her program, I have to say it was the best investment I have ever made! I actually just had a bride sign up for my newsletter, get it for a few weeks, completely trust me, schedule a consult, and then booked on the spot at my higher full service price! I have booked 3 total brides at my new higher price and an additional partial service bride, which I am actually trying to push more. So I’m doing good.

    - Casey Muller, Wedding Planner
  • Before I met you, my closing rate was dreadful. I was only closing maybe 1 in every 5-6 people I met with. However, in the last 3 weeks since our very first session, I've closed 7 out of 8 prospects by modeling your sales technique!

    - Pauline Dennigan, Photographer
  • I've taken plenty of other classes and programs through other marketers in the wedding industry, but your approach is nothing like theirs... Others give you what you need to do, but not the how. You give the how... I just finished all the changes to my website you recommended and already in 3 short week my inquiries have spiked because of it…and it's the slow season right now! It's worth the investment and I've already gotten my money back.

    - Christine Terezakis, Wedding Planner
  • Kathy DalPra to me is a wise investment for anyone looking to streamline their web presence and really get to the core of what they want to convey to their audience in the internet medium. Kathy had a direct impact in my bottom line growth of well over 20% increase in business last year and a 10% increase in the previous year.

    - Mitch Taylor, Wedding DJ & More
  • I’m so grateful to Kathy and her Bride Appeal staff for...doing my SEO work. As a result of Bride Appeal’s SEO work, I am now consistently showing up on the first page of Google and Bing for several of my ideal keywords. Kathy and the Bride Appeal team are definitely worth the investment!

    - Brenna Taylor, Wedding Planner

Wedding SEO & Content Marketing for Event Businesses

Are you awesome at what you do, but but lack the website traffic, leads and appointments you need to book your calendar solid?

Let's fix it with better wedding SEO, website conversion and proven sales strategies!

I've personally been where you're at and I created Bride Appeal™after seeing first hand in my own bridal business how challenging it was for a creative-minded person to attract customers and close them.

To pull myself out of the rut, I learned SEO (waaaaay back before SEO classes & mentors existed) and mastered selling techniques. Today, I share what I learned along the way through Bride Appeal.

Wedding Marketing Tips

How To Market Your Wedding Venue Business During Covid-19 Lockdown

Guest post by ShaadiWish. Struggling to keep alive your wedding venue business during the current Coronavirus pandemic situation? Well, the spread of Covid-19 has shattered the world’s economy with the wedding industry being among the hardest hit sectors. And, while it’s of great concern for every business out there, the wedding venues are seeing no scope of making money anytime soon. With strict Government guidelines on social distancing, the number as low as 50 has been restricted to wedding celebrations. read more