Are you awesome at what you do, but but lack the website traffic and leads you need to book your calendar solid?

One of the biggest issues in the wedding industry is that so much emphasis is put on visual branding, many wedding companies completely ignore their marketing - and, most especially, the SEO. So they wind up with not enough business to really thrive full time.

The most gorgeous website online is useless if it doesn’t attract new customers.

This is why we exist. Since 2010, Bride Appeal has helping creative wedding businesses get the exposure online they deserve - through Search Engine Optimization (aka getting you found by couples via Google).

As a boutique SEO agency, ambitious wedding professionals and venues count on us to get their website discovered online by their local audience so they can fill their calendar with bookings 24/7.

Hi, I’m Kathy. I never set out to become the "SEO girl" to the wedding industry. Bride Appeal is the unexpected product of my own journey to transform a struggling website into a thriving brand that reached the top of search engines, got featured in the press and even caught the attention of a celebrity (yes, Emily Deschanel wore my jewelry).

I’ve always been in marketing, starting with my first job out of college and all the way up the corporate ranks to a consultant. But when I launched a little jewelry side hustle with a bridal line in 2008 as my creative outlet, I quickly realized how little I knew about getting customers online.

That first year was a struggle. Wedding shows and craft fairs just weren’t cutting it. I needed to figure out a way to get website visitors if I wanted to pay for my pretty habit.

Then, one day when I was looking at my website dashboard to see where my visitors were coming from, I learned that most of my new traffic came from Google through my product images. I started to wonder how I could get more of that success and down the SEO rabbit hole I went!

In roughly 6 months, I had taken my website from attracting less than a hundred visitors per month to bringing in hundreds every day, quadrupled my list of leads, landed dozens of rankings on page 1 of Google, got my jewelry featured on a national TV show and news channel, got exposure in numerous magazines and wedding blogs and was even a nominee for The Wedding Channel's Blog Awards.

When my peers inside the wedding industry started asking how I was making so much headway online, I eventually started helping them and other local businesses with their SEO and online presence too. After all, marketing was already my full time career so this was a natural transition for me.

I’ve now spent the last 10 years, studying SEO, testing new methods and helping local businesses land more customers through SEO.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll typically find me chauffeuring kids to sports, walking our 70 lb Labrastaff or dreaming up our next vacation.

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What you need to be doing right now to rank your website in search engines.

Summer ’18


Kathy, thanks to your SEO work, copywriting and website conversion plan, we are so incredibly slammed with inquiries and bookings, that we can't even keep up. Our wedding inquiries are up 254% over last year and Quinceanera bookings have quadrupled. We went from having ​a very challenging year this year, when we realized our SEO wasn't set up correctly, to be on pace to have one of our best year's ever next year because of your expertise.​



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