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Wedding Blog Closing: How to Save Your SEO

style me pretty closing wedding blog shutdownIn mid-April 2018, one of the pioneers in wedding blogging, Style Me Pretty (owned at the time by OATH), announced that it was closing its doors on April 30th (see below) - sending a wave of panic through the wedding business community and leaving them wondering: read more

The Freaky Future of Email Marketing for the Wedding Industry

the future of email marketing in the wedding industryThe report is out and, frankly, the future of email marketing is kind of freaky. Litmus just released a report on what email marketing will be like in 2020, featuring the predictions of 20 email experts from email service providers, agencies and consultancies. The findings are fascinating.  read more

2016 Wedding Trends & Spins

2016 wedding trendsAs I read through blogs, wedding magazines and talk with industry professionals, the trends that are predicted for 2016 are reminiscent of some past trends and extensions of what we see today. read more