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How To Market Your Wedding Venue Business During Covid-19 Lockdown

Guest post by ShaadiWish. Struggling to keep alive your wedding venue business during the current Coronavirus pandemic situation? Well, the spread of Covid-19 has shattered the world’s economy with the wedding industry being among the hardest hit sectors. And, while it’s of great concern for every business out there, the wedding venues are seeing no scope of making money anytime soon. With strict Government guidelines on social distancing, the number as low as 50 has been restricted to wedding celebrations. read more

The Freaky Future of Email Marketing for the Wedding Industry

the future of email marketing in the wedding industryThe report is out and, frankly, the future of email marketing is kind of freaky. Litmus just released a report on what email marketing will be like in 2020, featuring the predictions of 20 email experts from email service providers, agencies and consultancies. The findings are fascinating.  read more