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2016 Wedding Trends & Spins

by: Guest Author

2016 wedding trendsAs I read through blogs, wedding magazines and talk with industry professionals, the trends that are predicted for 2016 are reminiscent of some past trends and extensions of what we see today.

Bridal Market 2016 dress

Bridal Market in October 2015 showed even more wedding gowns in shades of pink, which I have officially deemed as the new white. Heavily adorned sleeves and high splits are in the forefront of bridal fashion this year. You will also see bouquets used as jewelry, such as bridal cuffs, to accent the wedding gowns’ most prized accessory.

Right Image: © Antonoparin | Dreamstime.com - A Model Walks At Solo Merav Bridal Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Show Photo

Now that Pantone has announced the Colors of the Year as Rose Quartz and Serenity, shades of pink and blue will be the most popular colors of the 2016 wedding season when it comes to attire for female attendants. You will certainly see a surge in navy tuxedos for male wedding party members to accompany these two beautiful colors.

Sequins are not going anywhere. Actually they are gaining momentum. From second reception dresses and bridesmaid’s gowns to table linens and napkins, sequins are bringing an element of grandeur to even the simplest ceremony and reception.

Lighting continues to play a crucial roll in the design of the ceremony and reception. Color washing the walls in vibrant colors has become a staple in most wedding designs. But the additions of lighting patterns at the entryway, walls and ceiling plus color shifts throughout the evening are making impactful statements.

Tall centerpieces are still playing a large role when creating dramatic reception tablescapes. But you will see lush floral table runners and multi-level candle runners are taking these already gorgeous tables to the next level.

Day of the standard parquet dance floor is over. Couples are covering these dance floors in white, black and metallic laminate to accentuate their fabulous wedding design. You will also see custom monograms and unique patterns on these floors to tie into the couple’s branded reception.

Couples are starting to use all of the real estate on their wedding invitation by using the backside for sharing details and information. You will also see a more modern approach with fun typesetting and patterned lined envelopes. And the traditional wording is taking a major backseat for a more playful approach showcasing the couple’s personality.

How a couple exits the reception is becoming just as important as how they enter. From sparklers and confetti cannons to ribbon wands and balloon drops, couples are taking their departure seriously and making it a photographic statement in their finished wedding album.

International wedding trend report 2016Editor's Note: For a deeper look into 2016 wedding trends, explore the International Wedding Trend Report by the Wedding & Event Institute, which covers trends across every segment of the wedding market, including fashion, stationery, catering, venues and more.

Share your 2016 wedding ideas and if you are considering incorporating any of the projected wedding trends into your planning with the viewers of this blog post.

Desireé Dent
President & Lead Planner, Dejanae Events