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Did You Know That A Few Brides Can Keep Your Entire List From Seeing Your Emails?

by: Kathy DalPra

avoid email marketing spamWhen it comes to email marketing, the power is in the hands of the few. Did you know that if a few brides click that dreaded "spam" button on one of your email newsletters that it can affect whether other brides on your list, using the same email provider, actually receive your messages?

Here's how it works. Let's say that you have 1000 brides on your email marketing list and, of those, 300 use Gmail. If 5 of those Gmail brides report your message as "spam", rather than taking the time to click your "unsubscribe" link, then Gmail could blacklist your domain or email server and keep all of your emails from reaching the rest of the 295 Gmail-using brides on your list.

That's why it's super important to do everything you can to avoid getting "spammed" by your email recipients.

  1. Avoid any spam trigger words or hype-y language in your emails that might make your message look like junk.
  2. Never put anyone on your email marketing list that didn't manually subscribe of their own will. Use opt-in webforms on your website or a written list at events to allow couples to subscribe.
  3. Never, ever send mass email marketing without the "unsubscribe" link. That includes Yahoo, AOL or any other email service that was never intended to be used for bulk email marketing. Every group marketing message you send must have the unsubscribe link or it's spam.
  4. Always send content that your readers actually want to receive. No fluff allowed.
  5. Minimize promotions that will only annoy them or make them feel like they are constantly being advertised to.