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The Freaky Future of Email Marketing for the Wedding Industry

by: Kathy DalPra

the future of email marketing in the wedding industryThe report is out and, frankly, the future of email marketing is kind of freaky. Litmus just released a report on what email marketing will be like in 2020, featuring the predictions of 20 email experts from email service providers, agencies and consultancies. The findings are fascinating. 

Today I share a few of the takeaways and what it means for us in the bridal and event industries. It's a lengthy report, but here are some highlights that caught my eye:

Smart Email Sorting

Email could be sorted by what's relevant, rather than by what's most recent. What this means is that email providers, like Gmail and others, may start to recognize whether the content of an email is relevant to current news and happenings. If so, they could get pushed to the top of the inbox regardless of whether they were the most recent email sent.

For instance, if the Olympics are running, then emails with subject lines on that topic could very well end up at the top, even if several newer emails came in after it.

Email Gets Mobilized

One expert said that if you're at the grocery store, geo-targeting could recognize this and resort your emails so that coupons and related messages appear at the top of your inbox. That's kind of awesome and a little scary.

Another expert predicted that less than 15% of emails will be read on a desktop. This means email content needs to be shorter and more to the point, since mobile screens don't offer much real estate.

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Artificial Intelligence Could Play a Role

Some experts believe that email will get hyper personal, with machines making individual-subscriber-based decisions on which email messages to send to them according to their profile and demographics, which it might be able to pull from social media sites and other sources.

As a consumer, I admit it's frightening how much companies will know about us. As a marketer, this is pretty exciting!

Purchase Right Inside the Email

Wow. Mind blown. Some experts believe that technology is nearly at the point where consumers could make secure purchases right inside their email inbox without having to click a link and visit an external website. It would be an app-like experience.

No More Tracking?

Ok, as a marketer, this one I don't like...but as an email subscriber, it's definitely a perk.

Some think that tougher laws and improved technology, subscribers will soon be able to opt-out of tracking, such as opens, click-throughs and location identification. This means that the company sending the email won't be able to tell if they opened their emails, clicked on links etc.

Millennials Think It's More Stable Than Facebook

Across the board in all age groups, email was considered the most stable of all major marketing channels, including Facebook, cable, Snapchat, Twitter, mail, print media etc.

The interesting thing is that the group who felt most strongly about the secure future of email were 25-34 year olds!

What It Means for the Wedding Industry

There are certainly a lot of obvious opportunities and a few downsides to these projections as an email marketer, but one thing is quite clear: email marketing isn't going anywhere and it's only going to get better.

More tools, better insights and a steady presence all point to email continuing to be a top marketing resource to event businesses in the coming years.

This means, if you're not already building your email list and utilizing the power of email marketing, it's time to get on board!

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If you feel like checking out the full report by Litmus, you can request it here.