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Prevent Signup Loss Part II: How to Get Visiting Brides On Your List

by: Kathy DalPra

get more brides on your listOne of your website’s biggest jobs is growing your list of hot brides. But for this to happen, we need to make sure that nothing is preventing new visitors from opting in. In Part I of this series, we talked about how critical it is to make sure your sign up process works properly so that nothing is getting in the way of capturing leads consistently on your website. (If you didn’t get the self-audit checklist, go snatch it now).

This week, I want to talk about making your sign up process compelling enough to inspire brides to take action and opt into your list.

Even if all of your webforms and confirmation messages work perfectly, your list won’t explode if you haven’t given visitors a good enough reason to sign up. Here are a few tips to make sure your brides want to opt in, once they get to your website:

Ask for a Little, Give a Lot

Are you asking for too much information on your webforms, causing brides to hesitate? Like it or not, we all can be skeptical of sign up forms. That’s why it’s important you ask as little as possible from your brides, in exchange for a gift of high perceived value.

For wedding planners, this might be a helpful wedding planning tool, such as a checklist, or planning guide. For a bridal boutique retailer, it can be a discount on the bride's first purchase or a free sampling of a popular product with their order. 

In return, only ask for the bride's name and email address. If you require their address for shipping, consider asking for this as a second step, so that the bride can comfortably ease into the idea of giving you access to her info.

Give Your Gift a Juicy, Irresistible Title

The words you use in your title could make or break your list-building efforts. Use compelling, sizzling text to create perceived value in your offering. People respond well to numbers, so titles like “The 3 Ways” or “The 5 Secrets” tend to get a good response. Also, words that indicate exclusivity, like “inner secrets”, can be powerful when used in offer titles. Additionally, appealing to your visitor’s sense of urgency can also be effective. For instance, you can add the words “right now” or ”starting today” to create excitement within the visitor.

If you’re struggling to find the right words, then pick up a popular women’s magazine like Cosmopolitan the next time you visit the grocery store. Study the headlines they use on the cover of the magazine. You’ll be amazed how this can spark your creativity.

Demonstrate Value

An easy way to increase the perceived value of your offer, so as to entice your brides into action, is by listing the benefits of the item. You can do this with a bullet point list of the takeaway tips they’ll get or even by attaching a monetary value to the offer itself, such as “$29 value”.

Use Bright, Bold Colors

Make sure your visitors aren’t looking right past your offer by using bright, bold colors in your offer title and headline. Colors that compliment your website design, while also standing out are most effective. You want the tones to draw the eyes to your offer so that the visitor will take the time to review it.

Use E-Product Covers to Represent Value

e-product cover for wedding businessBy far, the most powerful way to demonstrate value with a virtual or physical offer is through the use of electronic product cover images. E-product covers play a big role in our website development packages because we want our clients to have the highest rate of signup possible. Having a professionally designed e-product cover image crafted for your special offer shows your visiting brides that the giveaway is valuable enough for you to have taken the time to “package” it with a professional cover. It also plays to the visitors imagination and allows them to “see” what they are getting when they sign up.