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Heads Up: Gmail May Be Hiding Your Emails from Brides

by: Kathy DalPra

gmail changes 2013Every wedding business, no matter the type, should be using email marketing to stay in touch with prospects until they're ready to buy. And if you're a loyal follower of mine, chances are good you're already doing this. That's why I want to make sure you are up to speed with some recent Gmail updates that could be affecting the deliverability of your email messages.

What's New in Gmail

Google just added a new tabbing structure to their Gmail email interface that separates messages automatically into one of 3 piles: primary, social and promotions.

This is the notification that your brides, grooms and email subscribers will see when they log into their Gmail account the next time. 

recent gmail changes - new tabs

What This Means for You

Unfortunately, Google is deciding for you where your message belongs. If it doesn't consider you a personal acquaintance or see that your message comes directly from social media, then it will dump it into the "Promotion" tab...which means that email marketing newsletter you just spend an hour putting together is slipping right by any of your subscribers that use Gmail.

What To Do About It

The best course of action is to simply notify your email subscribers of the changes so that they can change their Gmail settings and prevent your messages from getting re-routed to the dreaded "Promotion" tab.

I'll lay out the exact steps involved. To test the process yourself, go ahead and use Bride Appeal as your guinea pig. Follow the steps below to make sure that any of my marketing, seo and website tips that I send by email don't wind up in your Gmail "Promotion" tab either (only applicable if you use Gmail).

Then, explain this process to your subscribers too, so they won't miss your messages either.

Step 1

Log into the Gmail account you use to receive messages from Bride Appeal and search for "hello@brideappeal.com"

gmail updates, new tab structure 

Step 2

Drag any email message from "hello@brideappeal.com" to the "Primary" tab. This will tell Gmail that its a safe email and belongs under the "Primary" tab, not the "Promotion" tab.

gmail tab changes

Step 3

A pop-up will appear asking you if you want all future messages from "hello@brideappeal.com" to be organized under the "Primary" tab. Select "YES"!

Bonus Tip: Hover your mouse over any message from "hello@brideappeal.com" and add it as a new Contact in your Gmail address book. This will also "whitelist" the email address so it doesn't get bounced to the wrong folder or tab.

new gmail tabs

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