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How Can I Get More Brides to Sign Up To My Email Newsletter?

by: Kathy DalPra

get brides to sign up to email newsletter listIf you've followed the advice of most marketing experts and added email marketing to your wedding business plan, you may have run into a little snag along the way...getting brides and grooms to sign up! I hear this frustration from our community all the time and, recently, from one of our blog readers. So, in this post, I'd like to share some practical adjustments you can make to start boosting that email list of yours based on what worked for my bridal business in the past and what continues to get results for us today as well.

1. Value of the Offer

Couples are bombarded with email messages from bridal shows and other lists they've been added to via blogs, forums and wedding resource sites. The last thing they want is another message to clear out of their inbox. That's why it's critical that whatever they receive in return for signing up to your email list, is so irresistible they are willing to deal with another message to read.

If all you offer on your website is to "sign up to our newsletter" or "sign up for top tips" or "join to get discounts", it probably won't be compelling enough to get the subscriber. You want to be specific and appeal to their desires or curiosity. If you're selling products, you might offer 15% off your first order. If you're selling services, you could create a free video series that helps them plan a certain part of their wedding. In this case, the title must be juicy. For instance, "5 Ways to Make Your Wedding the Best Party Your Guests Have Ever Been To" is far more effective than "How to Make Your Wedding Fabulous."

2. Ease of Sign Up

How easy is it to sign up to your email list? If your sign up form asks for everything short of their blood type, you're going to scare away a lot of couples. Keep it simple. Remember, this is not an inquiry form so you don't need any details for their event. This is the precursor to the actual inquiry. It's simply a lead capture form that allows you to follow up so that you can get the inquiry later on. All you really need to ask for is first name and email address.

3. Design of Sign Up

This could be a course all on its own. In fact, its something we spend a lot of time helping our private clients with when they are designing a new website. The look and placement of your opt-in form matters. It's one of the most influential factors in determining how many of your visitors actually see and sign up to your list. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Use a bold accent color to highlight your sign up form. It should be complimentary to your website's color scheme while still standing out.
  • Big is better. It may seem obnoxious to you, but a visitor's attention span is short and you need to capture their attention if you want them to focus on your offer. Make your opt-in area big enough to get noticed.
  • Don't hide your sign up form in a place that is likely to get overlooked. Above the fold, at the top of a sidebar and even at the end of the blog post are all good places to consider.

4. Quantity of Traffic

The reality is that no one is going to sign up to your email list if they never reach your website in the first place. If you want more subscribers, you need to drive more traffic to your wedding website.

5. Quality of Traffic

While volume is important, so is value. If the traffic coming into your website isn't the right fit for your specialty, then its likely those visitors won't be interested in your giveaway. Make sure that the visitors you're attracting are highly targeted to your niche and likely to be engaged in what you have to share.