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How Google+ Is Changing What Brides See in Search Engines

by: Kathy DalPra

For years now Google has been attempting to factor into its search results what it calls “social signals.” Unfortunately, Facebook, the most extensive of all social networks, doesn’t share its user data with the search engine behemoth. So when Google finally launched its own Google+ product, it didn’t waste any time collecting the data and using it to filter search results.

What's Happening

Right now, Google’s algorithm is scouring the personal profiles of every Google+ user, including your brides and grooms, to uncover information about their activities, friends and interests. In turn, it’s using that data to prioritize and personalize the results shown to them in its SERPs (search engine results pages) when they are logged into their Google account.

How It Works

When a bride’s friends follow or “plus one” content online, Google gives that content or profile a higher priority listing in the search results it shows to that specific bride and anyone she's connected to. Which means, if several of the bride’s friends have “plus oned” one of your competitor’s websites but not yours, the bride may actually see your competitor listed above you in the search result listings. This only occurs when the bride (or groom or other prospect) is logged into their Google account; which could be often if they use Gmail.

What This Means For You

If nothing else, maybe it's time to start networking on Google+ and leveraging that platform to gain an edge when using search engine marketing to increase visibility for your wedding business in the search results pages.