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How to Market to Multicultural Brides

by: Guest Author

How to market to multicultural bridesGuest post by Preeti Moberg. Today’s bridal market is nothing as it was twenty years ago. We know gone are the days of candied jordan almonds in pastel colors, plastic flowers decorating cakes, and staged photos of the couple.

What has also changed are the brides themselves. Brides today represent a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions that can make wedding planning...a little more complicated.

One of the questions I am asked by wedding professionals of all industries, is how to market to a multicultural bride. How can I work with these brides to produce a beautiful wedding for them?

Before I get into a few actionable ideas, let’s first look at what an American multicultural bride is. She can be:


She grew up in the South, went to college in New England, and is getting married in Colorado. Right here are three distinct American traditions to negotiate with.


She grew up in the US, born and raised, but her heritage is of another culture. Perhaps Asian or African or Middle Eastern. Her wedding will reflect her culture mixed with American traditions.


This bride may or may not be religious herself, but her family would like to have a religious wedding of some sort. Maybe at a church, gurdwara, or synagogue, or outdoors, like a Hindu or handfasting ceremony. This bride will need planners and professionals who already know her religion so she doesn’t have to teach them.

Any of the above

Of course, all your brides will fall in one or more of these categories; that is what makes today’s weddings so exciting and wonderful.

Positioning yourself for the multicultural market.

You will need to target multicultural brides on your website, through other websites, and in real life. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Website Section

If there is a special multicultural niche you are looking to reach, make sure you create a devoted section on the site for them. You’ll want to pick something more specific than just “multicultural” since it is truly a vague word to describe exactly whom you want.

Possible ideas for the section are Indian Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Destination (the most common), New England Weddings, Civil Weddings.

For example, wedding planner Working Brides Wedding Planner work with many Indian brides. As a result, they created a section just for these brides to let them know, “hey we know your culture and can help you plan a wedding.”

And of course, write 1-2 paragraphs about your experience with this niche market and why you love working with them.

Working Brides website sample
Screenshot credit: Working Brides, permission via Preeti Moberg

Devoted Categories/Tags

If you are just getting started with multicultural weddings, or don’t have enough weddings under your belt that categorizes as “one” wedding, create categories or tags in your articles. Both WordPress and Blogger allow for easy categorization and tagging.

Whitmeyer Photography drills down into different locations, styles, and types of weddings they photograph. They use categories effectively to show their strengths

Whitmeyer Photography
Screenshot credit: Whitmeyer Photography, via Preeti Moberg

Advertising on Target Bridal Blogs

While the larger bridal blogs cater to all audiences, niche bridal blogs focus on a specific audience. These smaller blogs are a great starting point to both email with questions you have as well as advertise directly on the site.

There are niche bridal blogs in almost every market, so start by searching on Google for a good match.

Attend a Wedding Fair

If you already have a couple multicultural weddings under your belt, take your talent to a wedding fair catering to your niche market. The benefit is that the brides attending will be directly in line with what you do. The downside is that you must have a few weddings that you can show off. There is no point in having a booth and spending money if you don’t have a track record.

Create a Styled Shoot

Reaching out to bridal blogs, attending wedding fairs, and even advertising on niche sites works great if you already have done a few multicultural weddings. But if you have only worked a couple niche weddings (notwithstanding your whole wedding portfolio), you will need to build this up. The best, and currently most popular way, is to do a styled shoot.

Styled shoots are a fantastic way to show off your skills, be they floral, confections, photography, styling, or clothing in a creative manner. Get in touch with vendors in your area that would also be interested in reaching this audience, or wanting to do something ‘outside the box.’ Once you develop a concept, reach out to a few multicultural bridal blogs to gauge their interest. If there is a resounding, “yes!” from them, do the shoot and package it to these blogs. Do a few of these shoots and you’ll go from novice to Jedi in no time.

No matter what kind of multicultural bride you work with, bring your A-game, your passion, and your creativity.

About the Guest Author

Preeti is the founder of the South Asian bridal blog, The Big Fat Indian Wedding which helps brides be inspired, dream, and plan their wedding.