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How to Write a Wedding Blog Brides Actually Want to Read

by: Kathy DalPra

how to write wedding blogEvery marketing guru you follow is telling you that a wedding blog is essential to your business growth, but how do you know which wedding blog topics your audience actually cares about? 

Well today, I’m going to show you how to find out.

I’ll break down a simple, effective process I like to call Forum Fishing that you can execute to write a wedding blog couples actually want to read and fill your editorial calendar with months worths of posts in one sitting.

Step #1: Go Where Your Readers Are

When you’re marketing your business it might seem like reaching engaged couples is a huge challenge and finding out what they really want is even harder.

But there is one place online where you can go to get direct access to engaged couples and discover exactly what’s on their minds:


Wedding-related forums are the one place engaged couples congregate publicly to speak honestly, ask for advice and find resources; making it the ideal place to "fish" for content ideas. 

Hence why I call it "Forum Fishing."

find wedding blogging ideas

It’s like a free tool for picking your audience’s brain without asking them to learn their most pressing questions, struggles and desires!

Here’s how to get started…

1. Start a Spreadsheet

Start a spreadsheet in Google Sheets or Excel for tracking wedding forums and topic ideas. It will have 2 tabs; one called Forums and the other called Topics.

For Step #1, we’ll only use the first tab.

write a better wedding blog

2. Search for Wedding Forums in Google

A simple Google search is really all you need to find plenty of wedding forums. The most popular ones will likely show up in the first 2 pages of search results.

Here are a few terms you can plug into Google to get a list of wedding forums (try both the singular and plural versions):

  • wedding forum(s)
  • wedding board(s)
  • bridal forum(s)
  • bridal board(s)

finding ideas for wedding blog

3. Evaluate the Quality of Each Forum

Not all wedding forums are worthy of your time. Take a quick peak inside each forum to determine whether it’s a good fit for this strategy.

You’re looking for forums that are:

  • popular (have many users)
  • active and current (recent activity)
  • have quality conversations (not just griping or topics unfit for a blog)
  • free to use or join
  • wedding-related

write a better wedding blog

When you find a quality wedding forum that fits your criteria, add it to tab #1 of your spreadsheet.

creating a wedding blog

Keep adding top wedding forums until you have a decent list to work with.

Step #2: Quickly Amass Dozens of Wedding Blog Ideas in Under an Hour

Now that you have a number of wedding forums on your list, it’s time to dig in and find out what these engaged couples are chatting about.

1. Laser in on relevant categories

A general wedding forum is going to cover a wide range of topics, many of which may not make sense for your specific wedding blog.

While any wedding business is certainly free to blog about any topic they wish, your area of expertise will probably lend itself to more credibility on some topics than others. 

For instance, if you’re a wedding DJ, a blog post about wedding rings might seem a bit out of place to your readers.

wedding blog post ideas

For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to narrow your forum research to only those topics that fall within your specialty so that you can offer true insight and valuable first-hand experience on the subject matter. It will make your posts that much better.

Many wedding boards include menus or search bars that allow you to filter your search to those categories that are related to your expertise

If you’re using the search bar, don’t get too specific or you’ll likely miss threads. Instead, enter no more than one to two words in the search box to ensure you see the maximum number of threads on related topics.

For instance, if you’re a jeweler, then “jewelry,” “ring” and “necklace” are good terms to start with. 

If you’re a DJ, “music,” “song,” and “dance” are good words to begin with. 

If you’re a pastry chef, then start with words like “cake,” “dessert,” and “sweet table.”

where to find wedding blog post ideas

2. Find blog-ready topics

Now that you’ve filtered forum topics to those in your preferred category, it’s time to find awesome topics for your blog that you already know couples are talking about.

However, not every conversation in your category will translate into a blog post topic.

You’re looking for threads…

  • About problems, challenges and obstacles
  • Seeking inspiration and ideas
  • Requesting feedback and advice
  • Asking questions about various wedding planning situations

Like this...

And this...

And this...

When you find a topic that might work as a blog post, you’ll add it to tab #2 of your spreadsheet.

In the second tab of your spreadsheet, add these column headings: Topic, URL and Comments.

Each time you find a forum topic you think might inspire a blog post, like this one, enter it into your sheet:

Write the exact title of the forum post in the Topic column, copy/paste the URL of that individual forum thread into the second column and then enter the number of comments or replies that post received in the third column.

Repeat this process for each wedding forum you put in tab #1 of your spreadsheet to gather up as many ideas as you can in one sitting. The more ideas you have, the easier it will be to fill up your Editorial Calendar well into the future.

Step #3: Find Out Which Topics Your Audience Wants to Devour

You’re almost there! You’ve got a fantastic list of potential blog topics from several wedding forums, but how do you know which ones will knock it out of the park for your readers?

The fact is:

While there may be a number of forum threads on topics related to your expertise, they aren’t all going to be winners. 

There’s one more criteria you need to evaluate to find the content your audience truly cares about: popularity.

How can you tell which topics are most popular?

By the number of comments or replies a forum thread gets! Engagement is a surefire sign of a hot topic.

1. Pick the Best Topics

Go back to your spreadsheet and click on tab #2 with the list of topics you recorded.

Sort your sheet by column 3, “Comments”, (excluding headers) in descending order from the highest number to lowest number.

The topics that float to the top are the ones that are likely to get the best response from your audience.

Any thread that receives at least a dozen comments is pretty strong; the more replies, the better. Highlight all of the rows of topics that you want to use for blog inspiration.

2. Add Topics to your Editorial Calendar

One-by-one, add each topic you highlighted to your Editorial Calendar. 

You now have months of hot blog topics ready to go that are already proven to be popular among engaged couples.

Done and done!

Your Turn - What Hot Topics Did You Uncover?

Dig in and implement this strategy for your own blog and see just how many reader-ready topics you can plan for your blog this year!

Then, come back and let me know in the comments what topics you were excited to uncover.