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It Doesn't Matter How "Sticky" Your Website Is, If It Doesn't Do This...

by: Kathy DalPra

sticky websiteI admit it. I'm getting a little tired of hearing all the experts talk about having a "sticky" website, while overlooking a FAR more critical element that truly helps you book more brides.

First, let's define "sticky." Having a sticky website means that its engaging, compelling and filled with enough juicy information to get a bride to "stick" around for a while after she arrives. This way, she'll stay long enough to take action and inquire with you. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, this theory is a little flawed right out of the gate.

Most Brides Don't Buy on the First Visit

First, the vast majority of brides visiting your website for the first time...probably more than 90%...are not ready to buy yet. They are just researching, getting a grip on their options and scoping you out. They have no intention of putting themselves out there and getting in touch with you...not, at least, until they've satisfied their incessant need to gather as much information as possible from as many providers as possible and compare them all. (You can totally get them out of this frame of mind, by the way, but that topic is for another day.)

So, at this particular moment, it really doesn't matter how "sticky" your website is and how long it keeps her searching. If she's made up her mind that she's not yet ready to get in touch with you, no amount of stickiness can fix this. She's still going to leave without taking action...whether it's after a 1 minute visit or a 15 minute visit.

How You REALLY Get a Bride to Make the First Move

Although your website absolutely can build desire within your ideal bride and move her to take action, this usually doesn't happen on the first visit. She's simply not there yet. That means, you have to court her...yes, court her...like dating.

You have to gradually and gracefully build desire in her mind about getting whatever result you can uniquely offer her. And, although your website can help with this, it's not typically going to get the job done on the very first visit because the bride simply is not in a mental state of mind to receive your message fully yet.

You Have to Seduce Her Offline

If you want your bride to be led to inquire with you, you have to stay in touch with her. Your website's job is to capture her as a lead the very first time she visits so that you can continue to create desire within her over time and lead her back to your website over and over...where it can finish the job and inspire her to make the first move.

That means, if you currently aren't using your website to capture visitors as leads so you can follow up and inspire her to return to your website again and again, then that is what you should focus on fixing first...before you worry about stickiness.