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Niche Marketing with Real Wedding Submissions

by: Guest Author

niche wedding marketingGuest post courtesy of Cigall Goldman of Mazelmoments.com. As wedding professionals, our job doesn’t end when the event comes to a close. After the night is over, your clients’ weddings become an opportunity to showcase your hard work and add to your business portfolio. With the growing presence of social media and blogging in our industry, it’s imperative to get your brand out there. However, with such a broad-reaching network, it is becoming even more important to place your content strategically in order to reach those that will be most interested in your products or services.

One idea that we feel is under-utilized and super-effective is submitting your work to targeted, niche websites. By working with blogs that hone in on specialized demographics, you will increase your chances of placement in front of your targeted audience and potentially generate future clientele.

niche wedding marketing 

Photo: Event & Styling by Swank Productions

Target blogs with certain religious affiliations such as Mazelmoments.com, an all-inclusive resource for planning Jewish and Jewish-inspired weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs and special events. Another site is The LDS Bride, which focuses on weddings that meet the standards of the Latter Day Saints. For same-sex marriages, consider publications like GayWeddings.com or Equally Wed.

There are many blogs that highlight culturally specific affairs such as Maharani Weddings for traditionally Indian events, or South Asian Bride Magazine. For globetrotting couples, focus on blogs such as Jet Fete, which showcase the trials and tribulations of planning a destination wedding or Bajan Wed, featuring inspiration and ideas for tropical Caribbean weddings. Publications like DIY Wedding Magazine or DIY Bride are geared toward craftier weddings with budget-saving ideas. These are just a few of the niche websites that accept real wedding submissions.

Hopefully we’ve sparked your interest in getting published…now what?

Step 1 - The first thing to do is get consent from the couple. While the majority of newlyweds will jump at the opportunity to publicize all that went into their special day, certain couples would prefer not to share these intimate moments on the Internet. In these cases it’s important to respect their privacy. If you are not the photographer, you should get the photographer’s permission as well.

Consider consulting a lawyer to add a note in your contracts allowing the images to be used for promotional purposes.

Step 2 - Compile the Vendors. A wedding is a collaboration of different services, artisans, designers, and other event professionals. Many blogs will request a detailed list of the associated vendors so they can provide them with credit in the feature. This will not only generate potential business but also give you access to each of their individual networks if the wedding does get featured.

Step 3 - Tell a Story. Entice readers by including details such as how the couple met, how the proposal happened or how certain family traditions were honored. People (and editors) respond more positively when they feel like they’re getting to know the couple. When targeting a niche blog, try to cover that angle as well, for example the traditions incorporated into the ceremony and cultural components of the reception.

Step 4 - Select quality photos and diverse images to accompany the story you’re trying to tell. Interesting blog features will boast a variety of angles and details in order to capture the mood of the day. Keep the niche market in mind, for example a Jewish wedding submission should include the ketubah, chuppah, and chair lifts.

Step 5 - Submit! With a well-curated compilation of photos, details and wedding inspiration, you’re ready to submit to blogs and publications. It’s important to do your research in order to reach the most relevant audience. Expand your options through services like Two Bright Lights, which will provide an organized way to keep track of your submissions, as well as a comprehensive list of niche bloggers and editors.

Step 6 - Once your submission hits the web or newsstands, don’t forget to follow up, promote and share on your social networks, email newsletter and other mediums.

By submitting to more targeted websites as alternatives to more general, competitive wedding blogs, you can gain credibility within your niche and ultimately acquire future business.

Cigall Goldman is the founder of Mazelmoments.com, the award-winning website to help you plan Jewish and interfaith weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs and baby celebrations. At mazelmoments, find your perfect venue, caterer, photographer and more! The mazelmoments blog shares expert advice for creating an unforgettable celebration, and keeps you up to date on the hottest trends!