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Old School Wedding Marketing Beliefs That Just Aren't True Anymore

by: Kathy DalPra

wedding marketing trends and beliefsWhen you've been running a wedding business for quite some time, it's easy to fall behind on your marketing. We get caught up in the business of our business and forget to look up every once in a while. Unfortunately, there are some trends that are game-changing and could be detrimental to the livelihood of your business if you continue to ignore them. If your thinking isn't keeping up with today's couple, you could be losing business without even knowing it.

I Need to Speak Specifically to the Bride

Splendid Insights reveals that 65% of grooms are now actively involved in wedding planning with a full 95% participating in building the registry.

At yesterday's One Love Workshop I was speaking at, Bernadette Coveney-Smith, the foremost expert on the gay wedding market, confirmed that language matters. Referring only to the bride alienates a good portion of the LGBT community.

Couples in Their 30s Are Old

Lately a lot of my new wedding business clients have been telling me that they are unique because they serve an "older" bride in the 30-40 range.

I have to tell you, this is not unique and it is not old. Everyone is serving this segment because this is a common age at which this generation chooses to get married. Splendid Insights reports that 40% of millennials grew up in broken homes so they are waiting longer to tie the knot. 65% live together before marrying. 

I Can Get Away With an Outdated Website

Millennials expect an updated website. They grew up digital and that's how they research, learn and buy. According to a Splendid Insights survey, 90% of couples with premium wedding budgets ($31,000 - $95,000) say an up-to-date website matters when choosing which wedding professionals to hire.

Search Engine Marketing Isn't Necessary

72% of couples in 2014 used search engines to find products and services for their wedding. (The Wedding Report)

D.I.Y.ers Are Cheap

Do-it-yourself projects are not exclusive to budget brides. Think Splendid founder Liene Stevens notes that "Millennials grew up on Martha Stewart, Emeril, etc, and enjoy DIY as a creative outlet. It isn't always about saving money. Millennials believe that creativity is the most important trait their generation should possess and they value handcrafted."

I can personally attest to this. Although I didn't feel like I was a luxury bride, I had a premium budget. Yet, I chose to take on certain design projects for my wedding because creativity is in my blood. It was genuinely fun for me.