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Wedding Blog Topics: The Easiest Ways to Find Them

by: Kathy DalPra

wedding blog topicsWhen you're crazy busy with the business of your business (which is awesome), it's hard to find time to blog, let alone constantly come up with new wedding blog topics to post about. 

Which is why I want to share some of the absolute easiest ways to find dozens of blog post topics - with very little effort.

I want to be clear, this is not an exhaustive list of every thing you could blog about. Right now, what you probably need most are just a few great ideas that you can implement right away...that your audience would actually take time to read.

All of the methods I'm about to share are exactly the topics your prospects care about.

How do I know that? Because with these methods, your prospects are the ones giving you the ideas!

The questions couples ask, or comments they make, to you or their peers reveal some of the best blog post topics a small wedding business owner can use to not only easily plan out their topics, but also provide tremendous value to their readers on subjects they truly care about.

To discover what's on the minds of couples, you really just need to start paying attention.

Here are a few ways to quickly find out what your audience craves and get tons of new blogging ideas for planning months in advance:

1. Ask Your Newsletter Subscribers

If you have an email sign-up on your site, you can build this right into your auto-responder (those automatic email messages your subscribers receive from you after they sign up).

Adjust your first email message so that it focuses on just one goal: finding out what your new subscriber want to know more about.

Don't fill your first email with a bunch of salesy pitches or a ton of info to distract them.

Instead, thank them for signing up and tell them that you care deeply about helping them (which is true, of course!). Then, ask them one single question about the kind of help they want. Like these examples:

  • What is the #1 wedding planning question you have for me?
  • What is the top challenge you're having right now when planning your wedding?
  • If you could get my free advice on any topic right now, what question would you ask?

2. Turn Inquiries into Inspiration

While I'm sure many of your service or product inquiries do revolve around pricing and packages, I'll be that a number of them include other questions and comments too. 

These inquiry messages are clues to other things that are on your prospect's mind - that you can blog about.

Why would they ask that question? Why did they make that comment? What could be going on in their planning or research process that would raise that concern?

When couples or prospective clients reach out to you for the first time, their initial inquiry may contain a wealth of insight into topics they need to be educated on.

Use that for inspiration to create tons of blog post topics for the year.

3. Common Misconceptions

In interacting with the engaged community, whether at bridal shows, on sales calls, through social media or via inquiries, do you find that couples are sometimes misinformed about your particular area of service?

These misconceptions are blog post opportunity!

Remember that for many couples, this is the first time they've ever been married and, thus, their first experience planning a wedding. They simply don't know what they don't know!

Your blog can educate them so they are more empowered in their research and decision-making process, which they will greatly appreciate. 

Just make sure your post isn't preachy. No one likes to be talked down to. Condescension will only turn your readers off. To win their hearts, build up their confidence with eye-opening information that dispels any myths while also giving them tools to make smart choices.

4. Create from Consults

Whether a couple books you or not, your initial consultation with them can become a treasure trove for blog post ideas - if you're really listening.

Pay attention to:

  • The questions they ask
  • The comments they make
  • What they say they want (that might not be the best thing for them)
  • The misunderstandings they have
  • The perception they hold (that might not be true)
  • The concerns or fears they share

During your conversations with couples you're probably already taking notes, so adding a jotting down a few more observations for your blog won't add much work to your session. 

Add a special symbol, like a star or asterisk, next to any thoughts that relate to blogging inspiration so you can easily separate them from your sales notes after the meeting.

5. Go "Forum Fishing"

Admittedly, this method takes a bit more effort than the previous tips, but it doesn't have to take longer than an hour to get some great ideas.

If you want to create a wedding blog couples actually want to read, utilize my unique "forum fishing" method to generate tons of wedding blog post ideas that couples genuinely care about.

Put It On The Calendar

Here's what to do with your observations:

  1. In all your interactions, write down the questions, frustrations, fears, desires and comments you've heard from your audience. (Think email, phone, consults, social media, wedding fairs, forums etc.) These are your community's "needs".
  2. Each time you discover a new "need" from your audience, turn it into a blog post topic. Answer questions, solve problems, provide guidance, walk them through a how-to tutorial, etc.
  3. Add all your ideas to your Blog Calendar 

If you simply make this process a part of your everyday working habits, you'll find yourself effortlessly adding new blog topics to your calendar every week. Before you know it, you'll have months or even a year's worth of blog topics planned ahead.