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Case Study: Wedding Business Reaches Page 2 of Google in Just 2 Weeks

by: Kathy DalPra

improve search engine rankIt's been just 2 short weeks since we launched the new website for a wedding planner client of ours and she's already showing up on page 2 of Google's search results for 4 of her top keywords. Although we're still working with the client on some final details for her site, we decided not to wait to get her ranking in search engines. Why delay the opportunity to attract more bridal traffic when you can start enjoying it today, right?

Just two weeks ago, the client wasn't appearing in the top 100 pages of Google's search results for her primary, target keyword phrases. Today, she's on page 2 for 4 of those terms and on page 7 or better for the rest of her top 10 phrases. That's a lot of new visibility that she never had before...and just two short weeks after launch!

Rankings aren't everything. They must convert into actual sales. This client booked 2 events within the first month of launch exclusively from search engines. This was due, not only from her increased visibility on search engines and the traffic it brought her, but also because her website was built to move visitors through the sales process (without being salesy).

Although I'm not one to sell the hype of overnight SEO success, I will say that you can get results quickly....very quickly...when you know what you're doing.

So, I'm going to tell you just that. Here's exactly what we did to move her site from not appearing within the first 100 pages to getting on page 2 for her best keyword searches:

1. We Researched & Analyzed Her Keywords

It may be a bit time-consuming, but this is the most important step in developing an SEO strategy that will not just bring you more traffic, but get you the right kind of visitors too.

We want to make sure that the terms you're going after have enough traffic to justify the time spent on them, aren't so competitive that you'll never have a chance to rank for them and target the type of bride that is in the right 'buying' mode so you're not wasting time chasing after a tire-kicker.

2. We Scoped Out the Competition

Just because you want to rank for certain keywords doesn't mean you can do it quickly. Before you go choosing which terms to prioritize in your wedding SEO schedule, first be clear on how much difficulty it will be to rank for each of them.

Before we set a priority list, we do some digging on the competition. We narrow down our keyword lists to the very best and then start comparing them one-by-one to see who we're up against. Once we understand how we measure up against other providers who are ranking for the same term, we can make better decisions about which terms to go after...and when. 

3. We Targeted the Low-Hanging Fruit

When you are creating your SEO strategy, you have a choice to go after the more competitive terms that offer great long-term rewards (more traffic) or to find those golden opportunities that may not come with the highest level of traffic, but will reach a more targeted audience with less competition. These "golden opportunities" are what we call low-hanging fruit. 

By selectively going after the low-hanging fruit you're allowing yourself to enjoy fast results and instant gratification while you remain steadfast in the hunt for those higher volume terms that will take you much, much longer to rank for. It's kind of like rewarding yourself with a warm, fudgy brownie after dropping the first 2 pounds, even if you still have 10 to go!

4. We Optimized Her Website for Her Top 10 Terms

Believe it or not, we were able to push our client's site up the ranks without any off-site ranking work at all! By properly optimizing her website from start to finish and being meticulous about it, we were able to make a startling leap in position just by giving Google and its little bots exactly what they want when they arrive to do their indexing.

Our work, of course, is far from over. Not only do we want to see her inch her way up to the highest position possible on Page 1, we also want her to start ranking for some of her more competitive keyword opportunities too. That means some serious hunker-down off-site ranking efforts. Still, in the meantime, she gets to instantly enjoy a little success while we continue to tackle some of the tougher obstacles ahead.

5. She Continued to Market Herself

Even the most flawlessly execute SEO plan will fall on its face if you don't follow it up with consistent marketing. You have to get the word out about your website if you want your rank to increase. Yes, optimization and the right keyword strategy will definitely get you quick results and set you up for ultimate success, but to gradually improve your ranking you will still need to promote your website and build bizz about your business online.