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Wedding Marketing Showdown: Facebook vs. Instagram

by: Kathy DalPra

facebook vs instagramFor years Facebook has been the wedding marketing social media platform of choice for businesses looking to reach more brides. But with the recent surge in Instagram's popularity among brides and the decreasing effectiveness of Facebook posts, you might be wondering which is a better pick today.

Instagram for Engagement

What I love about Instagram is that it feels like Twitter circa 2009. Sure, lots of people are on there, but it's not so cluttered with ads, promoted posts and stuff you don't want in your feed that it still feels like this private, intimate space. A visual conversation is happening on Instagram and its personal. This is a fantastic environment for connecting directly with brides.

Whereas your Facebook posts might get seen by 1% of your fans, on Instagram your image could easily be viewed by all of them. It just depends on how many people your followers are following, how often they check in and whether they catch up on older, missed posts when they do log in.

And keep in mind that users log in almost as much as Facebook users (as of 2013). The biggest difference is that your posts aren't getting hidden from their news feed.

Frequency of social media site use

Facebook for Website Traffic

The challenge with (or beauty of) Instagram is that it's not really a great space for promoting your website all the time. Once in a while is certainly fine, but too frequently  may come across as overly promotional and turn off followers.

Facebook, on the other hand, has a sophisticated advertising platform that allows you to drive highly targeted visitors back to your website rather affordably. You aren't limited to just your business page fans either, so the potential is huge.

The Verdict

If you love connecting on a more personal level with your audience, Instagram is the perfect fit. You'll build relationships with vendors, brides and media who will come to know and love your brand.

If you want more control over your reach, promoting your website through Facebook ads is still a great way to get quick traffic when you need it.