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What Is A Bounce Rate And What Does It Mean For My Wedding Business

by: Kathy DalPra

bridal bounce rateRight now we're smack dab in the middle of our Wedding SEO Blueprint workshop and a hot topic among members is their bounce rate. It's a tricky little stat and one you should be more than familiar with if you want to get better results from your website.

What Is A Bounce Rate?

Your bounce rate is a statistic that reveals the percentage of visitors on your website that leave almost as soon as they arrive. It means they aren't staying on your website to review your pages or read your blog. They are landing on your website and making a decision to click the back button or start a new search because they don't believe your website is offering what they're looking for.

You can find your bounce rate by looking at the website stats provide by your wedding CMS system or through Google Analytics.

What Does the Bounce Rate Mean for My Wedding Business?

The higher the bounce rate, the more visitors are leaving your website quickly. This means that they aren't finding what they were hoping to find. A high bounce rate indicates that your website isn't doing it's job; it's not a sticky website. It's not keeping visitors on your site and, consequently, is failing to turn them into leads, inquiries and buyers. The lower the bounce rate, the more appealing and engaging your website is and the more likely you'll see more sales and inquiries from it.

What Is a Good Bounce Rate?

Bounce rates are reported as a percentage. A high percentage, such as 40% or higher, means that 40% of your traffic is leaving quickly and you're losing valuable prospects. Ideally, your bounce rate would be 0%, but I doubt there is a website with a decent level of traffic that exists today with that percentage. Unfortunately, a good bounce rate is somewhat relative to the type of website you have. If your website is highly informational, it is bound to pull in some window-shopping traffic that isn't really qualified to buy; that's just the nature of offering free tips and advice. 

In my business, I like to aim for the stars. I like to see my bounce rates below 20% or 30%, but it doesn't always work out that way. When I see our bounce rates climb above 30% on any page or from any source of traffic, I pay very close attention to that so I can immediately start troubleshooting why it's happening.

Stay tuned for next week's follow up post in which we'll explore how to troubleshoot a bounce rate that's too high.