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SEO for Wedding Pros

SEO for Wedding ProsImagine 100+ highly qualified prospects walking through your virtual door...every single day...with no paid advertising.

That is the power of SEO.

Every day, engaged couples are proactively searching for the exact service or solution you offer. They are interested, engaged and on the path to buying.

And they are on searching for you Google.

When your website shows up at the top of Google's list of links, you get views, clicks and new prospects visiting your website; without paying expensive advertising. Cha ching!

SEO = Free Leads

Sure, there are a lot of great marketing options out there. But unlike Facebook ads, wedding directory listings and bridal shows, Search Engine Optimization is FREE.

Yes, it requires an investment to learn or outsource...but so do all the other paid marketing channels you're wasting money on too! After all, you don't just wake up one day being a master at getting results from Facebook ads or wedding shows; you either need to get training or expert help.

The difference with SEO is that, once you start ranking in Google's organic search results, the traffic you earn from your position continues to flow to your website without you paying a dime. 

  • I know marketing, but SEO is a whole different ball game. Luckily, I have Kathy in my back pocket. She keeps it simple so non-technical people can understand and gives me shortcuts that make it easy.

    - Natalie Bradley, Wedding & Event Planner
  • When I have an SEO question, I don't think twice about who I'm going to call. Kathy is my go-to SEO expert. She always has the answer and I know I can trust her specialized expertise.

    - Christine Dyer, BridalTweet
  • Since working with Kathy on my website and SEO work, my business has really taken off. The majority of my wedding bookings have come directly through my website, thanks to the SEO work. Having tried various marketing efforts this year (wedding shows, vendor networking, etc.), by far the SEO work done on my website has been the most beneficial and cost effective. I went from less than 50 visitors per month on my site to 600 per month in just a short few months. And these are new visitors!

    - Kelli Walker, Florist
  • I’m so grateful to Kathy and her Bride Appeal staff for...doing my SEO work. As a result of Bride Appeal’s SEO work, I am now consistently showing up on the first page of Google and Bing for several of my ideal keywords. Kathy and the Bride Appeal team are definitely worth the investment!

    - Brenna Taylor, Wedding Planner
  • Thank you for everything you have done with my website! I wanted to let you know that with your SEO, I have gone from page whatever down the line somewhere after page 5 to page 1. Not only am I now on page 1, but I'm usually the second company down! Thank you, it would not have happened with your SEO.

    - Amanda Peterson, Wedding & Event Planner

Top 10 Reasons Search Engine Optimization is a Better Marketing Tool

All marketing requires justification. You're a busy small business owner with no time (or money) to waste. Whatever marketing you do invest in, you want it to work. That's why I love SEO; it's designed for measurable success and small business budgets.

Here are my personal top 10 reasons for leveraging SEO:

  1. It's Free: Search engines don't charge you to have your website appear in it's organic search results pages. Once you get ranked, any clicks and traffic you earn from that position are yours to enjoy no charge.
  2. It's Qualified Traffic: Nothing is more frustrating than attracting prospects who aren't really interested in what you offer or ready to buy. That's why SEO rocks. When you attract visitors who found you by searching for "Dallas wedding photographer" or "Modern wedding venues in Little Rock", you know you're attracting quality prospects who are intentionally looking for services and resources you sell.
  3. It Rewards You Longer: The very moment you stop paying for advertising, stop posting on social media or exit a wedding expo, it stops sending you prospects and visitors. That's not the case with SEO. Once you secure search engine rankings, you keep them for a while even if you stop implementing SEO tactics. How long you keep your spot depends on your competition, but I've seen some clients hold on to their high rankings for 3 or 4 years with almost no SEO upkeep.
  4. It's Working When You're Not: Your search engine rankings work for you 24/7, whether you're in the office actively working on your SEO or not. Ads and social media require your active involvement to produce leads, but SEO sends your website quality visitors around the clock even when you're sipping Pina Coladas on a beach.
  5. You're in Control of Selling: While there are certainly nice benefits to listings with third-party wedding directories, these are not websites you control, which means prospects are seeing what the wedding directory wants them to see and can skip your website altogether.  Couples can easily click a button and send out a price-focused inquiry to dozens of vendors at once, without ever taking the time to view your website. This means you have been completely removed from the sales process. With SEO, this isn’t the case. Search engines send traffic to your website so you have a fighting chance to express your value, motivate action and get a consultation.
  6. It's Cost Effective: Although it's true that no marketing is truly free (it will cost you time, money or both), SEO is very cost-effective for wedding businesses because you're only paying for the cost to learn it or outsource it, not the cost of having the listing. Once you reach your goal rankings, it usually only requires a modest effort to stay there, dropping your ongoing expenses drastically from that point forward. That is not the case with social media and ads, which both mean daily effort indefinitely to maintain.
  7. It's Not Going Anywhere: Every few years some "expert" claims that SEO is dead...and it's never true. SEO evolves, it doesn't die. There will always be a question (search) and an answer (results). Search engines have transformed to provide rich, multi-media results to appeal to the changing online space, making them even more useful and relevant than ever before. Also, SEO isn't just limited to Google and Bing. SEO principles apply to YouTube, social media, mobile media, forums and more!
  8. It's Measurable: Doesn't it just grind your geers when you drop a hefty check for a premium ad and you can't even measure the results you got from it? Grrr! That's why SEO is so awesome. You can quickly and easily quantify your results from your SEO efforts at any time with free tools that show you how much traffic search engines are sending you and what they're doing on your website when they arrive. You don't have to be a tech nerd to appreciate that!
  9. It Can Assess Your Other Marketing: Modern search engine analysis tools can even help you analyze the ROI (return on investment) you're getting with all your other marketing efforts; be it ads, social media, public relations or directory listings. You can discover exactly which sources bring you the highest number of website visitors and the highest quality of website visitors.
  10. It's Couple's Preferred Way to Find Vendors: According to The Wedding Report, 72% of couples in 2014 used search engines to find products and services for their wedding. That's more than social media and bridal shows combined!

Get 24/7 Visitors On Auto-Pilot

Unlike ads and social media, you don't have to post something to get clicks and visitors with SEO. Showing up in Google -exactly when couples are searching for you- means new customers every day without lifting a finger.

> Wake up to NEW LEADS

> Hands off, more time to run your business

> Talk to prospects who were actually looking for you

 If you like the idea of getting new customers without having to work so darn hard, get in touch with me today.