SEO Case Studies

The following is a small sampling of clients who have benefited greatly from my SEO consulting.

NOTE: Results shown are from the period during which SEO was performed or within a year or so. Current rankings (today) may not be as they were directly following my services if the client chose to stop implementing SEO strategies in their business. Some clients remain anonymous by request.

Wedding inquiries up 254% over the previous year and Quinceanera bookings quadrupled

Challenged with a very competitive SEO landscape where new venues were being opened left and right by larger companies, Elisabeth's venue was getting lost in the mix. At the start, the primary keywords they were ranking for were all brand name based, so their traffic was mostly visitors who already knew who they were, rather than new prospects. We were particularly disadvantaged by the fact that their venue's official location was not directly in the city we were targeting, but a suburb of it, making it even more difficult to convince search engines that they deserved to rank for those city-based terms.

  • "Kathy, thanks to your SEO work, copywriting and website conversion plan, we are so incredibly slammed with inquiries and bookings, that we can't even keep up. Our wedding inquiries are up 254% over last year and Quinceanera bookings have quadrupled. We went from having ​a very challenging year this year, when we realized our SEO wasn't set up correctly, to be on pace to have one of our best year's ever next year because of your expertise.​"

    - Elisabeth - Owner, Event Venue

After optimizing their entire site, implementing new conversion strategies and initiating just one single SEO-driven content marketing campaign, their results soared.

  • Improved rankings for over 50 targeted keyword terms in roughly 6 months
  • 6 non-branded Page 1 rankings acquired
  • 33 non-branded Page 2 rankings acquired
  • 13 non-branded Page 3 rankings acquired
  • Most importantly, more bookings!!!
Note: Non-branded means that the keywords do not mention the client's company name. For instance, 'Atlanta wedding venue' or 'Quinceanera site in San Diego' 

Closed $20,000 in 3 days from SEO strategies

Before consulting with me, Natalie had no clear SEO strategy for her blog. She was an excellent blogger, but was losing hundreds of visitors every week because her posts and overall blog structure were not optimized properly. After some extensive research about where her target traffic was, I helped her develop a custom approach just for her and gave private training on exactly what to do with her plan. After implementing the steps we discussed, she started to reap the rewards in qualified inquiries and bookings. 

  • I know marketing, but SEO is a whole different ball game. Luckily, I have Kathy in my back pocket. She keeps it simple so non-technical people can understand and gives me shortcuts that make it easy.

    - Natalie Bradley, Wedding & Event Planner

Got 10x the inquiries year over year

Event planner SEO case study My client Amanda was ecstatic on the phone when she reported that she'd closed 2 high end clients within 2 weeks of launching her new website with fresh search engine optimization. Both clients said they found her through search engines and knew right away she was the one for them! 

Before getting help with her SEO, Amanda's site was not ranking for any keywords in any search engines. Afterward, her rankings, traffic and inquiries improved. One year later the results proved that Amanda not only recouped her investment in herself, but exponentially profited from the power of SEO.

Event inquiries following new SEO + Conversion strategy:

January inquiries quadrupled (4x) 
February inquiries increased by 7x
March inquiries increased 10x
April got 2.5 times the inquiries
May got 3 times the inquiries

Traffic and rankings following new SEO strategy:

  • She reached the #1 top ranking on Page 1 of Google for 14 of her best keyword terms (and you wouldn't believe the competition we were dealing with to get her here)...and counting
  • She landed the #2 position on Page 1 of Google for 28 other top phrases
  • She got listed on Page 1 of Google for over 100 targeted search phrases
  • Her search engine traffic increased by 649% in the first 6 months following my SEO work
  • A year later, her search engine traffic had increased by 1539% 
  • In 1.5 years, Amanda's search engine traffic improved by 2836%

Less than 6 months after launching, she claimed the 2nd position for one of her top buyer-driven keyword terms.

Increased traffic from search engines by 878%

Wedding planner SEO case studyImagine how many more wedding inquiries you could generate if you got an 878% increase in your website traffic from Google?

That's what happened for wedding planner Brenna Taylor. After enlisting me to implement SEO for her, Brenna saw an increase of 878% in search engine traffic in just 9 months, all from top keyword terms that perfectly describe her services. The beauty of all this new traffic is that it is highly targeted to couples searching for her exact services and she didn't have to rely on referrals, social media or advertising to get it. Now that the SEO work is done, these visitors come month after month without Brenna paying a dime.

Here's what else she's enjoyed:

  • In one month, she was on Page 1 of Google and Yahoo for 4 of her top search terms
  • She appeared on Page 1 of Google for 9 highly valuable keyword terms
  • She ranked on Page 2 of Google for 2 more search terms
  • She is now getting traffic to her website from over 100 targeted search terms through Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Her inquiries have increased substantially due to the spike in laser-focused traffic she's getting
BEFORE: Brenna was struggling to rank in her local market.

AFTER: Brenna ranked in the first two pages of Google for dozens of her target keywords.

Booked up the entire spring, summer and fall wedding season

Florist SEO case study, Kelli WalkerIt was an ordinary day like any other when I picked up the phone to call Kelli, a wedding florist client, just to see how things were going and check in with her. Little did I know the amazing news she had to share with me...

Her husband had run some numbers on all the new clients they had been booking to find out where the sudden success had come from. Turns out, they had booked up their entire wedding season (spring, summer and fall) by the end of spring and 80% of their new clients came exclusively from search engines due to the heavy SEO work we had done for Kelli a few months prior. As a result, they even decided to reinvest some more into search engine marketing activities.

BEFORE: Kelli's highest monthly visitors (total, from all sources) was 79.

AFTER: One month after launch, Kelli was already generating more traffic just from search engines than all of her monthly traffic sources combined on the previous site.

BEFORE: Kelli was only ranking for 4 keyword searches and 3 of them were based on her company name, not the local service she was selling.

AFTER: Just one month after launch, Kelli was already receiving traffic for 13 purchase-driven keyword searches (sampling shown below).

BEFORE:Kelli was getting between 50-80 visitors per month; only

AFTER: Just one month after launch, Kelli was already receiving traffic for 13 purchase-driven keyword searches (sampling shown below).

AFTER: One year after the launch of Kelli's site, my SEO work was still paying off. As the search engines continued to index and rank her for the keywords we targeted, her traffic skyrocketed. After 12 months, she was getting relevant, targeted traffic from 1000 keywords (sampling shown below).

Here are some of the incredible results Kelli enjoyed as a direct result of my SEO work:

  • Achieved page 1 rankings in Google for more than half a dozen target keywords (after not even being listed in the top 100 pages prior to working with me)
  • Reached #4 position for her 2 best keywords
  • Appeared on Page 2 for her highest volume target keyword, with many more listings on Page 2 as well
  • Within the first 3 months after my SEO work, her search engine traffic multiplied by 10 times!
  • Within the first year, her search engine traffic increased by 1143%
  • From year 1 to year 2, her traffic skyrocked again, bringing her 3.5 times what she had the prior year (that's on top of the first year's increases)

She eliminated price-driven traffic and started attracting quality visitors

Martina had a pretty decent presence in the search engines for her niche. The only problem was that she was ranking for all the wrong words! Her traffic was dominated by price-driven visitors looking for packages and deals. As a seasoned planner who pours her heart into every event and needs to charge accordingly, this simply wasn't the type of individual she was the best match for.

In a competitive market, we knew she couldn't rank for everything, so we needed to be selective. We modified Martina's SEO plan to focus more on higher quality visitors who were looking for the exact services and offerings Martina was truly known for. By matching her up with these type of searchers and letting go of the ones that weren't aligned with her brand, we gave Martina a fresh take on an outdated SEO plan.

Here's how she benefited:

  • In 2 months, search engine traffic increased by 369% (cumulative)
  • In 3 months, search engine traffic increased by 560% (cumulative)
  • There was a notable difference in the quality of the terms Martina started ranking for so she wasn't dealing with so many price-shoppers

Showing up for 10x the searches in Bing and 3.5x the searches in Yahoo

Destination wedding SEO case studies Sandra was ranking well for a few select terms, but the overall traffic from search engines wasn't too impressive because her website's visibility was only for a few search phrases. In order to expand her reach, we built a comprehensive content structure in her website that optimized it for hundreds of terms that were previously being ignored.

The improvements were exciting:

  • Moved her site into the #2 and #3 position on the top page in Google for her top terms
  • Landed 46 new rankings on Bing...and counting
  • Secured 35 new rankings on Yahoo...and counting
  • Quadrupled (4x) the overall website traffic she was getting from search engines
BEFORE: A little over a month after launching her new site there was no search engine traffic registering, but we know she'd previously had a small amount visitors from search engines each month.

AFTER: Within a year, Sandra was pulling in over 1500 visitors every month from search engines alone; roughly 30% of her overall monthly traffic.

What could you do with more traffic and rankings?

You are not limited to referrals and advertising to grow your wedding business. You can absolutely enjoy automated, targeted traffic 24/7 that works like clockwork behind the scenes for you, while you wake up to new inquiries and sales.

I've seen this happen time and time again with my wedding SEO clients because they made the decision to invest in their long term growth, rather than get complacent and rely on factors they couldn't control. Instead, they took their future into their own hands and implemented a solid traffic-generating strategy that they knew would pay for itself over and over again for years to come.

Ready to find out how you can do the same?