Wedding Marketing

 Looking for wedding business marketing tips to help you grow your online presence? Check out our recent ideas for marketing your brand and website with social media, blogging, advertising, referrals and more.

Old School Wedding Marketing Beliefs That Just Aren't True Anymore

wedding marketing trends and beliefsWhen you've been running a wedding business for quite some time, it's easy to fall behind on your marketing. We get caught up in the business of our business and forget to look up every once in a while. Unfortunately, there are some trends that are game-changing and could be detrimental to the livelihood of your business if you continue to ignore them. If your thinking isn't keeping up with today's couple, you could be losing business without even knowing it. read more

Niche Marketing with Real Wedding Submissions

niche wedding marketingGuest post courtesy of Cigall Goldman of As wedding professionals, our job doesn’t end when the event comes to a close. After the night is over, your clients’ weddings become an opportunity to showcase your hard work and add to your business portfolio. With the growing presence of social media and blogging in our industry, it’s imperative to get your brand out there. However, with such a broad-reaching network, it is becoming even more important to place your content strategically in order to reach those that will be most interested in your products or services. read more

3 Blog Posts to Create After a Wedding

blog posts to write after eventEvents aren't just great for real wedding submissions and posts. There is plenty of other juicy content you can squeeze out of each event you work or attend. Why not make the most of it and fill your blog with the inspiration and education your audience is clamoring for? read more

Does Facebook Still Work?

Does Facebook still work?There are a lot of Facebook experts out there, but Laura Roeder is by far my favorite. I dig her simple, no nonsense approach to marketing so I thought I'd share with you some actionable advice she's given recently on what to do if your fan page has been hit with Facebook's new algorithm changes. I know it's hit mine! read more